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Pervert Gets Friendzoned the Hard Way by 2 Cheerleaders! - First Story Post

Started by ilovescissors, 16-Jun-15, 03:15 PM

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Hi all, this is my first story I've ever posted. I'm starting to write fantasy stories that involve me wrestling/grappling with girls that I know in real life. A lot of these I'm actually pretty good friends with.  I know these are pretty long, but i like to be as detailed and realistic as possible.

To kick off my first story, this one is about a girl I've been friends for several years now and her awesome sister I've had the pleasure of meeting.
Aside from the names, all of the stats are 100% accurate

Catherine, the sister:
-   5'8
-   130 lbs
-   20 yrs old]

Catherine is the skinny but fit and strong type, after cheerleading for all 4 years in high school. She's also won several beauty pageants. In this story, she's wearing her outfit in pic #2. FUN FACT: I actually got her to scissor me one time while I came to her house to pick up Grace. It was one of my most memorable and favorite experiences!

Grace, the girl I have a crush on:
-   5'4
-   123 lbs
-   18 yrs old

Grace is also a cheerleader but she has a stronger body overall. Just looking at her thigh muscles bulge when she walks makes me imagine just how powerful her scissors could be.

-   5'8
-   140 lbs
-   18 yrs old

I hope you enjoy my first story post. If instead of just giving thanks, could you please comment below and critique - what can I do better, what I did wrong, etc. Thanks!

My name is Justin, and there is this incredible girl I've known for 5 years. Her name is Grace. We met in middle school, and have been good friends ever since. I really really like her as more than a friend and so badly want to be her boyfriend. Honestly, I also want to fuck her. As the pictures show, Grace has an amazing body. She is has a hot tan, thin body, but what really sets me off are her legs and ass. She has been a cheerleader since childhood and has probably developed great athletic ability, endurance, and leg strength. I could tell she had great lower body strength from the creases in her thighs. I've been having (wet) dreams of her headscissoring and crushing the shit out of me; I know she could do it. Grace just fucking drives me crazy every time we hang out, and that's a lot. I see her in bikinis, small shorts, and short cheerleading outfits. I've been wanting to ask her out so badly because we've been friends for so long, but she never seemed into me. As I was about to find out, my attraction would prove fatal.

It is Saturday, 5/16/2015. It's been a week since Grace's last cheerleading competition, which I went to support her. She texted me last night to see if I wanted to hang with her at her pool. The thought of Grace in a bikini already gave me a boner, so I automatically said yes. I left at around 2 and met her at her house. Grace smiled at me from her pool chair and said, "Hey, dork! About time you got here!" I laughed and said that I would be over to her backyard soon. I opened the door to her backyard, and there sat Grace McCain, oiled up with suntan lotion, shades on, and lounging in her bikini on her pool chair. She smiled at me and said, "Hey,'s it goin'?" I told her not much as our friend, Heather, also said hi to me. Heather was already in the pool. I took a seat right next to Grace as she looked down at her phone and started texting. She was laying with one of her gorgeous legs propped up, and I couldn't help but stare at how sexy she looked, her fit body all shiny with tanning oil. She looked over to me and laughed, "You aren't gonna wear any sunscreen?" I was too busy staring at Grace's hot body that I forgot how hot the beating sun was. I didn't know what to say and just said that I was fine. Grace pulled down her sunglasses and gave me a weird look and just said, "Your choice, doofus." As she teased me, I felt a strong erection already growing just by looking at how perfect her whole body looked in the sun, her dirty blonde hair beautifully framing her pretty face. A while passed, and Heather mentioned something about having to go home. Grace said bye to her and then stood up while still looking at her phone. My god, I thought my erection would rip through my swim trunks. Grace showed the most gorgeous ass in her black silk bikini bottom, and I couldn't help but stare like I was mesmerized. She flipped her hair, turned towards me, and said, "Well? Get over here, Jus!" I could barely stand with my bulging, rock-hard erection. I walked over to Grace and she said with a smile, "What's up with you? Still tired from last night?" I laughed it off and said no while I stared into her gorgeous blue eyes. I was out last night with her again as a way to celebrate the near end of the school year. She then sat down on the edge of her pool, and I joined her. She held her phone up high, so I leaned in. "Pool selfie!" She giggled, as she snapped a pic of us together. I felt so nervous and on edge, as always. This time, it was just different because it was just us two, none of her girl friends around me. My heart was just racing, my head started hurting from the aldrenaline, and my erection was throbbing because of how close I was to Grace – she was barely an inch from my left. I couldn't help myself and gave in to my animal instincts. As Grace was just talking about how much she missed cheerleading for the season, I discreetly laid my hand on her mid-thigh. As soon as my hand touched her silky smooth and tan, I lost control of myself and started to move me hand up her thigh, almost to her waist. Just as I was about to, she snapped, "What the fuck, Justin?!" and pushed me to my right. Before I knew it, I was in the cold water, and the cold sensation along with my feeling Grace up caused me to shoot my load off into the water. As I surfaced, Grace was standing over me. "What the hell was that, dumbass?!" She raged. It took a while for me to respond while I climbed up the ladder, still shaking from the aldrenaline. "What are you talking about?" I asked, trying to laugh it off. "Oh, don't give me that bullshit, Justin. You were definitely copping a feel, asshole!" She said angrily as she glared at me and folded her arms over her beautiful chest. I said, "Sorry! That was an acc-"

"Shut up, perv! That's what you said last time! Is this what you were trying to do at prom??! You were definitely placing you hand on my leg the entire night!" She raged. Grace was right. At our senior prom, she wore this short dress and heels that showed off her muscular legs, and I kept trying to place my hand on her thighs just like today. I was definitely embarrassed and tried to explain how I have no idea what she's talking about. Grace wouldn't have any of it and snapped, "I don't like you that way, asshole! We're FRIENDS, that's it!!! Get the fuck out of here, perv!" I couldn't believe this was happening and almost slipped into the pool again while running to get my things. I gave Grace a stare back, and she just rolled her electric blue eyes in disbelief. I still couldn't get over how beautiful she looked, her light blue eyes contrasting against her sexy brown skin.

I drove home in utter disbelief of what happened and later that night I texted her a thousand times telling her how sorry I was for what happened. I didn't get a response and I wanted to shoot myself for fucking up any chances I had with her. I could barely sleep that night and could only think of Grace. To my surprise, when I woke up the next afternoon, I looked at my phone and saw a text from Grace. "Hey jusy lets talk. The Blix, 2:00?" The Blix was the facility where Grace's cheerleading competitions take place, and I knew how to get there by heart. I got dressed and dashed over there in a heartbeat. When I opened the door to the building, I immediately knew to run over to the main competing room, which was the size of our high school gym completely devoted to cheerleading. Grace was a veteran cheerleader and coach her, so she had access. When I opened the heavy doors to the main room, the first thing I saw was Grace, smiling at me to my surprise. She was wearing a hot pink top that teased her lovely breasts, with a matching pair of hot pink short shorts that rode up so close to her ass, which was complimented by her wedges that had to be at least 4 inches high. I instantly approached, my heart and erection throbbing. I nervously said, "Hey, Grace..." "So, you're Justin...." said a soft voice to my right. To my surprise, a girl rose up from the bleachers and walked over to me. She was just as beautiful as Grace, with her slightly curly blonde hair, shining blue eyes, and Barbie-like brown skin. "I'm Catherine, Grace's sister. Nice to meet you! " She said with a gentle tone. Of course she's Grace's sister – they both look so beautiful. Grace told me that Catherine was older and at a community college. I shook her soft hand and smiled. Before I could even try to divert my attention back to Grace, Catherine said, "I heard you tried to grope my sis yesterday at the pool, Justn." I froze, unable to respond. I think I uttered a few words before she continued, "You. Justin. Her best friend she trusted." Catherine stared at me with eyes that seemed to glisten and pierce into my soul, while keeping a pretty grin waiting for me to squirm out of this conversation.

Before I could even say I was sorry or look into Grace's direction, I received a firm, hard kick to my 'nads from Catherine. I kneeled over in pain and eventually hit the soft mat, trying to process what the hell happened. Catherine laughed and said calmly, "We McCain women won't have some sleazy asshole totally fuck with us like that." She walked over to me and pulled me up by my hair. Catherine seemed like the hot, sweet girl next door, but here she was, staring down at me with her electric blue eyes, her long soft blonde hair reaching down to touch my face. I was so obsessed with Grace, I hadn't even noticed how Catherine looked. She was wearing a white top, with dark blue short shorts that showed a bit of leg. Catherine smiled at me and cheerfully said, "I'm gonna show you just how I deal with asshole pervs like you!" And with that, she pushed my head down, and I didn't know what she would do next. I immediately felt a lot of pressure on my neck. It took me a little while before I could process that Catherine wrapped her tan legs around my neck in a standing headscissor. My neck was in between her mid-thighs, my adam's apple being lodged on top of the back of her knees. Before I could even realize how shocked I was, she delivered a hard squeeze and I literally screamed out loud in pain and felt light-headed. Catherine laughed and rested her hands on my back while I was on my knees. "Now I bet you're starting to regret groping Grace now, aren't you? Are you ready to apologize, little boy?" Catherine teased. I was so scared of Catherine that I hadn't even noticed that Grace was sitting in a kneeling position in front of me, watching her sister kick my ass. "Oh god – yes! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Grace! GRAAA-" I screamed as Catherine interrupted me and kept pumping her legs and squeezing, her feet firmly planted on the ground. Catherine laughed and taunted, "You little wimp...I'm barely squeezing here! Like, 20%! Let's see how you handle 30!" I felt the blood cut off from my head even more, and Grace was totally having a field day. She laughed, "Oh my god, your face is fucking purple, Jusy!" I was feeling ever more lightheaded before I finally decided to desperately pry open Catherine's surprisingly developed calves. She was definitely skinnier than Grace, but they were both raised as cheerleaders, so Catherine was the thin but athletic and strong type of girl. Catherine giggled, "What a fucking weakling! Can't even break my scissorhold! Well, savor the moment, Justin! You're feeling up a hot girl's legs right now! Just like you wanted to do with Grace!" The amount of humiliation and embarrassment I felt was indescribable. "Fuck you, bitch!" I tried to scream – BIG MISTAKE. Catherine snapped the pressure on even harder, raising her toes. "I can tell we're gonna have to fix that attitude!" Catherine laughed.
Just before I was on the verge of blacking out from the lack of oxygen, Catherine released me from her standing headscissors and allowed me head to flop onto the blue cheerleading mat. I screamed in anger as she placed her flip-flopped foot on my neck. She gently whispered, "When I'm done with you, pussy, you're gonna wish you never met Grace! You're about to find out what happens when you piss off a fit cheerleader!" With that, she tugged at my hair and twisted my body to face her. Catherine leaned over to me and gently asked, "Are you afraid of me, little man?? Are ya??" and giggled while smacking me with her hand. That woke me up enough to stand up and face her, her hand still clenched on my hair. I fought back and tried to tackle her but before I was too slow and light to knock her over. Catherine laughed and said, "Oh, wow. What are we, hugging?" Catherine then pushed me away and delivered a square kick to my rib, knocking me back on the mat in total pain. "AHH! Fuck!" I screamed as I rolled over. "Ahh fuck is right, you little bitch!" giggled Catherine as she walked over to me and pulled me up by the hair again. "Smile for the camera, Jus!" Catherine said and before I knew it, I saw Grace snap a pic of Catherine and me with her phone. Grace laughed and said, "That's a good one! So going on instagram."

Catherine then dragged me a little farther away from Grace, who still had her phone out taking pictures of us. "Now it's time for me to seriously convert you from perv to gentleman. You'll be so scared of a woman's legs, you'll never want to grope any girl again!" Catherine teased. She laid me on my flat on my back and walked behind me. Before I knew it, I saw Catherine's gorgeous thighs wrap around my head in a frontal headscissor, her feet resting just above my erection, which was throbbing at the feeling of having a woman scissor me. I couldn't even enjoy the feeling before Catherine started to slowly squeeze. Words can't describe how unbearable the pain was. I screamed, "OKAY! Enough! You've made your fucking point! You fucking...AWHH!" I was interrupted by Catherine's pulling my neck closer, right in her crotch and inner thigh area. "You thought that was bad? Wait til you see this!" Catherine taunted before squeezing with so constricting force I thought I would pass out. "Oh my god, Catherine! You're making his eyes bulge out!" exclaimed Grace, who was still taking pics with her phone. Catherine pulled my head closer to her so that she was staring directly down at me. She smiled and laughed while squeezing, "I'd better not pop his fucking head off! I don't want to kill him...yet!" Grace giggled, "Yeah, I still want a piece of him! Save some for me!" Catherine replied, "Oh, you want to learn how I kick guys' asses? Well, it's very simple. I just...." I couldn't even hear the rest of her words as Catherine started to squeeze even harder, and I was trying my hardest to pry her thighs apart and shake her off by tilting left to right. Catherine heartily laughed and said, "What's wrong, Jus??? You're in between a hot girl's legs, so you really should just shut up and enjoy yourself!! I bet you have a total hard-on, motherfucker!" and with that, Catherine lifted her crossed ankles and drop-kicked my very erect penis, bludgeoning it like a hammer. Catherine tightened her grip and laughed and said, "I thought so!" before retracting her legs and extending them to totally fuck up my neck. Grace said, "I bet you'll think twice before thinking with your tiny dick!" as she took her phone out to film Catherine torture me. Tears of pain, humiliation, and anger were flowing down my cheeks, which made Catherine giggle and really crunch on my neck even more. Catherine said, "Awww.....look at the little pussy-boy cry! You know, you wouldn't......."


The next thing I knew, Catherine was sitting on my stomach, slapping my face with her bare foot. She brightly smiled and taunted, "Look who's awake! You taking a little nap there, pussy-boy??" I looked up to Catherine, who was still sitting on top of me with her foot on my throat, and I still didn't know what the fuck happened. "W...what happened?" I asked very groggily. I looked over to Grace, who giggled, "Catherine just knocked your pathetic ass out, bitch-boy!" As soon as she told me that, I was completely flabbergasted and all the blood went to my brain. Catherine and Grace kept laughing at me, and Catherine said, "I like how by the look on his face, he didn't expect a girl to knock him out! We got it all on camera too!" Catherine got off of me and tugged me by the hair over to the bleachers where Grace sat. She pulled up a video on her phone, and I was horrified to see that as Catherine straightened her legs, my arm went limp and my body was unresponsive for a good 4 seconds as Catherine kept teasing me until she realized what had happened. "You're just lucky I knew when to stop," Catherine giggled as she pet me on the head. With tears of humiliation pouring down my face, I begged Grace, "Please, Grace, PLEASE TELL YOUR CRAZY SISTER to sto-" but my plea was cut short as I winced in pain as Catherine squeezed the back of my neck with her hand and dragged me back to the mats. "Oh, CRAZY, AM I, bitch-boy? I'm not done with you!" Catherine said with a sadistic tone.

"Sorry, Jus! Looks like your consciousness – and fate – is in my sister's hands, or should I say legs, now!" Grace taunted as she enjoyed my torment. Catherine then laughed and said, "Hmmmm....what can I do to you next....?" as she twisted me around and quickly jumped on top of me, knocking the fucking wind out of me and pinning my arms with hers. She then wrapped her long, sinewy, and tan legs around mine in a very tight grapevine. "Don't get any ideas, you perv!" said Catherine as she spread her legs and forced mine with hers. Holy shit...I had never felt any sort of pain like it. I winced in excruciating pain as Catherine tightened this hold and spread her legs even more. "Awww....too bad you're not very flexible, Jussy! Unfortnately for you...." She tightened the grapevine as her nails dug into my wrists, causing me to let out a frail scream, "...I'm still VERY flexible for cheerleading! Sucks to be you, bitch-boy!" I tried to fight her off with my arms since my legs were trapped in this split position, but it didn't do any good as Catherine easily used her upper body strength to pin me back down. "Oh, don't even try it! I outclass you in strength, speed, and flexibility!" Catherine teased. With that, she relaxed and then completely tightened her hold again, stretching my legs apart. "Oh, come on! This is what you wanted, isn't it – a hot girl on top of you??? Oh, but wait, I'm just a crazy girl, according to you!" Catherine taunted as she let go of my right arm and reached behind her to squeeze my testicles. "AUUUGHHHHHH!!!!!! Pleee-hee-easee!!!! I beg you, I GIVE!!!!" I screamed in submission and humiliation. Grace and Catherine both laughed as I begged this beautiful blonde vixen to stop her torture. Catherine eventually looked at me in pity and released my balls but tightened her grapevine, making me drool from all of the excruciating pain. "Oh, so you're drooling over me now, pussy-boy? I suppose I should show you some mercy if Grace wants some fun with you. Now, tell me how beautiful I am, and I MIGHT let you go!" Catherine said with a hint of mercy, but keeping the tightness of her grapevine. I was willing to do anything to get out of this grapevine, so I mustered through my humiliation and wept, "Catherine, you...." I weakly coughed, "You're a beautiful woman. I'm sorry I called you crazy.." Catherine looked into my eyes with her beautiful blue ones and smiled sadistically and said, "Hmm..not good enough!" as she spread my legs out more. I whimpered in pain as she kept the grapevine very tight. "Tell me why I'm so beautiful. Tell me about my face. About my hair. About these legs that have completely reduced you to a pussy-wimp!" Catherine taunted. I whimpered, "You're beautiful and...and smart because God made you that way! You're one in a million! You've got a beautiful, perfect...perfect face. Your legs are long and tanned like a goddess'! You're perfect!" in a very panicked tone. Catherine and Grace laughed as Catherine taunted, "That's ..better! Now, did you deserve this punishment? Did you deserve to be totally fucked up? By a woman, no less?" I cried even more tears as Catherine looked over to Grace and smiled. "Yes! Yes, I deserve to have my ass kicked after groping Grace! I deserve it all!" I whimpered in humiliation.

"I'm glad you feel that way, Jussy!" Catherine said as she finally released my legs and mounted me as my legs collapsed from the 5-minute torture Catherine put them under. I was looking up at Catherine's angelic face as she placed her hands on her hips and smiled. Catherine then gave me a few gentle slaps on my face that sent waves of humiliation to my brain as I lied there, too exhausted and psychologically destroyed to even fight back. "I forgive you, Justin." Catherine said in a sweet, gentle voice as she stroked my face. I was relieved.

UNTIL she flipped over on to her backside and held my legs down with her hands. Before I could even comprehend whatever the fuck was going on, Catherine clamped her gorgeous, slender legs around my neck and scooped it up right up her ass. I was staring at the bright lights shining over us, and I knew this was my life's end – tortured to death by a beautiful cheerleader in a reverse headscissor. Catherine pulled my head up by my hair and giggled as she stared into my eyes, "But I'm not sure Grace does!" With that, Catherine squeezed with her reverse headscissors, doing toe raises. I screamed in extreme pain as my erection became unbearably hard and tears streamed out of my eyes. I tried begging, but no sound came out of my mouth. I tapped the floor in panic and pain, but Catherine didn't care. She only relaxed, giggled, and squeezed again for a prolonged 5-second period, staring into my eyes. I grabbed her ass in a desperate attempt to pry these clamped legs off, but that made Catherine angry and I felt a pressure spike as punishment. "Off – get your hands off me before I snap your neck!" Catherine warned. My hands immediately flew off. I could feel it now – the whole room was fading to black.

I thought that was the end...but everything slowly came back to me. It took me a few seconds to figure out that Catherine had released her tortuous scissorhold and was now sitting next to my head. Despite how fucked up my neck was, I looked over to the beautiful woman as I coughed to catch my breath. "What a pathetic weakling....! You never stood a chance to date Grace!" Catherine taunted as she smiled. She looked over to Grace, who was ecstatic at this point. "You said you wanted to have some fun with our favorite pervert here? Let's see, we only rolled around for around 30 minutes, so you should have at least 15 minutes to spend with this pathetic pussy." Catherine said to Grace. Grace laughed and said, "Oh, boy! THIS is gonna be fun!" Catherine giggled, "Just take it easy on him! We don't want to do too much damage to this fragile little pussy-boy!" The two sisters laughed at me as I struggled to pull myself up and crawl on my knees. I shakingly wiped tears off my face as I weakly stood up. Catherine then sprang up and walked to me, causing me to visibly shake in fear. Catherine laughed, "Are you afraid of me?? You should be more afraid of Grace! Look at how much stronger and muscular her legs are than mine, let alone yours!" Catherine pointed to the gorgeous, thick, and tan gams on Grace, who got off of the bleachers and joined Catherine's side with a bright smile. I quivered in fear of being crushed and scissored by Grace's thicker thighs. I immediately dropped down to my knees and begged with all my heart, "Please, Grace! Please don't hurt me! I'm so so sorry for what I've done!" I impulsively kissed Grace's sandaled feet in utter submission, but she disgustedly pulled away and Catherine laughed at my desperation. Grace looked over to Catherine and asked cheerfully, "You'll guide me, tell me what to do?" Catherine smiled and gleefully said, "Definitely! I want to see how he does in YOUR scissors! You saw how mine destroyed let him have it!"

Grace laughed and gleefully obliged as she kicked off her wedges, and Catherine walked to the bleachers to observe the incoming slaughter. I tried to get on my feet to run the hell out of there, but Grace, who was on her knees and less than a foot away from me, quickly crawled over to me and grab me in a quickly applied headlock. She playingly laughed, "Don't run! Where do you think you're gonna go???" as the girl I've had a crush on for years threw me to the mats, her body landing ontop of mine. "That's good, Grace! Now, I'm gonna teach you something new I DIDN'T show you!" cheered Catherine as she got closer. I grimaced in pain as Grace's toned arm was wrapped around my head and neck. "Okay, first, you're gonna grab his arm that you're on top of, that one right there!" Catherine said as she pointed at my arm that was pinned by 120 pounds of muscle. Instead of grabbing this arm, Grace rolled over and grabbed my free arm, which allowed me to try and fight her off with my now-free arm. Grace giggled in surprise and then quickly grabbed my attacking hand with both of hers. "That's good! Now, what you're gonna do is wrap your legs around his forearm! Arch your legs over his torso!" Catherine cheered. Grace quickly did just that with a sexy smirk. I felt completely trapped as Grace controlled my left arm, her hands trapping my arm in place and those beautiful, pythonic thighs scissoring me arm and her crossed ankles on my neck. "Great! You're doing great! Now, arch up further and really crank that arm!" Catherine exclaimed. Oh my fucking god...I felt as if my arm would tear off at any second, it hurt so badly. I screamed my submission and frantically tapped her legs with my free hand. It was then that I realized just how tense and rock-hard Grace's legs were – they were certainly stronger than Catherine's! "Oh, shut up, you pathetic wimp!" Grace giggled as she cranked my arm even more and tightened her legs. I screamed harder than I had ever screamed. Grace finally had had enough of my screaming and put her ankles over my face. "Mmm-hmmm, you like that, don't you, Jussy?" Taunted Grace as she cranked my arm further. I was in tears at this point, my erection rock-hard again. "Hmm....I suppose I'll let go of your arm. It's that neck that I really want!" Grace sadistically teased. She finally let my arm out of that tortuous arm-bar.


"You're doing great, girl! Really, really good!" Catherine cheered. Grace then said, "This is SO much fun! Oh, my god, I love making this bitch-boy squirm!" Grace still had her gorgeously muscular calves lodged over my throat, immobilizing me. She then smiled and quickly transitioned over to behind my head. I wept loudly as I knew whatever she torture she had planned for me would be unbearable. Grace and Catherine hysterically laughed as Grace coiled her pythonic thighs around my head. She had only crossed her ankles, and I already felt some pain and pressure on my head. Grace grabbed a handful of my hair and looked down into my eyes and teased, "You're gonna feel this, Jussy!" Catherine grabbed her phone and smiled as Grace really arched her back into her this frontal headscissor. Needless to say, I was screaming in agony in no time. I did everything I could think of – I first tapped the mats to no avail, I tapped her incredibly strong thighs, I even clawed them in desperation as I screamed in torment. "Watch it, you dickhead! Don't you DARE scratch my gorgeous legs! How DARE you, little worm!" Grace said angrily. With that, she cranked up the pressure much higher, and I felt the entire room fading to black...until she relaxed her python thighs but kept them tightly coiled around my head. "You know, should be grateful! You wanted to be in between my legs – and I mean, I don't BLAME you – but here you are, and all you can do is scream and cry about it! Why you gotta be such a pussy??! You should be ENJOYING it! Here, I'll even let you place your pervy hands on my thighs!" Grace ecstatically teased as she forced my hands onto her pythonic thighs, which were still straightened and tightly coiled around my head. I had no more words to speak...I simply did not have any more energy and accepted my fate as I cried more tears of pain and humiliation. Catherine kept giggling as she recorded this torture with her phone, and she eventually came over to us and snapped a pic of me and Grace. "Okay, you ready, little boyyyy??? You're gonna feel this!" Grace taunted as she retracted her legs and then gave a really strong squeeze. I was screaming louder than I had ever screamed before as I felt my skull cave in from the tremendous pressure from Grace's immensely strong inner thighs. Grace herself whipped her phone out and exclaimed, "Let's do a scissor selfie!"

"....ace, let him go!" I heard someone yell. I then felt a few hard smacks to the face from behind. I could barely make out Catherine, but when I did, Catherine laughed, "Oh, my god! I think you just had your very first KNOCKOUT!" Grace pulled my head by the hair and giggled. She looked into my eyes and said, "I have it on camera! Wanna see your ass get knocked out???" I didn't have a chance to respond as Grace showed a video on her phone while still holding me captive in her brutal headscissor. I couldn't fucking believe it when I saw the video. Grace had a close-up of my face when I apparently blacked out. My eyes were shuttering and I was making this weird snoring/spitting sound! I was fucking horrified that Grace could do that. "How did it feel?" Grace asked as she smiled. I had no response, I was too shocked and completely fucked up to even think of a response. Grace giggled at how unresponsive I was.

"Okay, now what you're gonna do is wrap your RIGHT calf over his throat!" Catherine told Grace, who happily obliged. "Good! Now wrap your LEFT leg over your RIGHT leg! Make sorta a FOUR!" cheered Catherine. Grace did just that and just like that, she secured a very TIGHT figure-four with her gorgeous but deadly gams. "Now for the finishing touch! What you're gonna do is pull on your LEFT leg towards you, tighten that four!" exclaimed Catherine. Grace tugged me by the hair with her free hand and tightened her scissorhold with the other. I was frantically trying to pry her sexy and sweaty legs open in any way I could to relieve at least some of the immense pressure. I gagged as I tried to beg Grace to stop, but she just laughed at me as she taunted, "Oh, my God! Catherine, look at how his eyes are just, like, POPPING out! Like one of those squeezy-squeeze toys!" Catherine joined Grace in her laughter as I felt myself losing more and more energy. There was literally nothing I could do – this gorgeous girl I have a crush on ignores taps, and she is hopelessly stronger than me.

"Okay, okay, let go, Grace!" I heard. Grace's bronze, thick thighs weren't constricting my neck anymore. I felt her smack my face again as I heard her sweet voice, "You still with us, Jussy??" Catherine then giggled, "Oh, lordy, I think he just blacked out again! Too bad I didn't record this one!" I was beyond shocked and just lied there motionless with the biggest, most unbearable headache. I grabbed my head in pure agonizing pain. "Okay, I think we should give this pussy's head a little break. I wanna see what you can do to his body with those legs!" said Catherine. I ran out of tears to cry out, but as soon as I heard this, I immediately knew my torment was far from fucking over.

Grace laughed as she rose me to my knees by the hair and mounted my back with her legs locked around my torso. I whimpered in pain. She then forced me to fall forward on to the mats as she repositioned her pythonic thighs and pulled me in closer to her delicious crotch. Grace locked her ankles and began to slowly squeeze my ribcage, with a sadistic but beautiful smile. I groaned in pain and of course tapped her constricting thighs for mercy, but she wouldn't have any of that and grabbed my arm and twisted it while crushing my ribcage. I screamed and winced in pain as my legs shook from the unbearable pain. Grace kept on twisting my arm and slowly squeezing with her bodyscissors, bending my ribs inward slowly. Grace laughed at my screams of torment and my pained face as she repositioned me again. "Reason number 1 why I would never date you: you don't have hot abs! I wanna see just how weak your pathetic stomach is!" Grace sweetly teased as she constricted her thighs around my abdomen and stomach area. Before she even squeezed, I was feeling some pain and pressure. I closed my eyes in anticipation as Grace pulled my body in closer towards her destructive inner thighs while still trapping my arm under her armpit. Without any warning, she squeezed. "AAAUUGGHHHH......fuck!" I whimpered as Grace kept on slowly squeezing like a merciless anaconda. I tapped the floor in pain with my free hand until my energy was drained and I couldn't do any more. Grace giggled ecstatically, "Even I have better abs than you!" She kept up this tortuous scissorhold for what seemed like forever, smiling during my torment. I was shaking with fear that she would crush my internal organs, but Grace and Catherine really didn't seem to care. Catherine came up close with her phone and snapped a few pics of my torture, as Grace smiled and posed. Grace flipped me over such that I was on my back, but she was still bodyscissoring me from my side. "Reason number 2 why I would never date a little pussy like you: your size! I can just look at how scrawny your pathetic body is, and I KNOW that you can't be that big in the pants!" I was crying from humiliation as Catherine burst out laughing. Grace giggled and forced my shorts down and reached into my underwear and took a peak at my rock-solid erection. Grace just looked down and shook her head in laughter as she laughed, "Are you SERIOUS?! You wanted to get in my pants with this little thing?! Oh, my god, Jussy! You've got nothing! That's, like, 2 inches!" Catherine was hysterical and on the floor at this point, and Grace kept giggling as she bent my arm and kept squeezing my stomach with her pythonic legs. "I think a real man should be at least 6 inches! I want a juicy one in a boyfriend! Looks like ya got some growing to do there!" Grace taunted as she patted my groin. "I guess, I'll show you some mercy. But only because I pity you and your baby dick!" Grace said as she finally released me from her clamped bodyscissors and kicked me off her leg. I rolled over in pain and humiliation, clutching my stomach and feeling sick altogether. I couldn't control myself and quickly started coughing the catch the wind crushed out of me. I coughed so hard that I even blew chunks! "Ugh...that's so nasty! You'd better not get any of that on me, dickhead!" Grace said.


 "I think we really only have time for one more move, Grace! I'm sorry, I know that you wanted to fuck this little boy up some more!" Catherine said. I was too busy looking down at the floor in pain and coughing to even notice whose foot was on my neck. "Hmm.....darn. I think my grand finale will be the one where you scissor him but he's facing your butt." Grace said gently as if she were babysitting a child and deciding what to do with him. "The reverse headscissor! Do it, girl!" Catherine cheered. My body froze in fear as I thought of Grace's thick legs around my neck again. Grace then clapped in excitement as she dragged me by the hair away from my mess and closer to Catherine, who was back to sitting on the bleachers. Grace then pushed me to the ground and rolled me over. I tried to push her off with my arms, but she laughed and pinned me down before teasing, "There's no escape, Jussy! I know you've always liked my ass – well now you're gonna get the best view of it!" I accepted my fate as she then turned around and scooped my head up closer to her gorgeous ass. Grace pulled me by the hair so that my neck was in the wedge of her ass. I could immediately feel the pressure, and she hadn't even started squeezing yet! "You're...gonna feel this, Justin!" Catherine laughed. Before she could even finish her sentence, Grace gave a quick flex of her thigh and ass muscles, and I was tapping her ass in submission and trying to scream, but no sound could really come out. Catherine and Grace giggled as my eyes filled with tears of pain and blurred my vision. Catherine walked in front of Grace so that she could look at my face. "So, Jussy, you said that you deserved this? Are you REALLY sorry for what you've done?" Catherine asked in a very condescending tone as she smiled. I tried to speak, but could only weakly groan a "yes" as Grace's inner thighs crushed my jaws. "Good! Now, Grace is a great grappler, but she has a lot of learning and training to do. If you're really sorry, you should agree to be her training buddy so she can improve her skills. Well, are you going to help her out?" Catherine gently asked as Grace giggled. I cried and whimpered a yes as Grace tightened her scissorhold. "Great! From now on, Jussy, you're gonna do whatever Grace tells you! You're gonna meet her whenever and do whatever she likes! If she wants you to come over when you're asleep, you'll get your ass over there! Or I will put you to sleep! If I hear that you ever do this again, I won't be so easy on you! Is that clear, little boy?" Catherine condescendingly taunted as she waved her finger in my face. Grace laughed and then squeezed again and longer, occasionally relaxing her strong muscles and allowing my head to plop up and down. Grace giggled and pulled my shorts down again, laughing at my unbearably hard erection. She squeezed for a longer constriction and began flicking my rock-solid penis, which was ready to explode. Grace and Catherine kept laughing the whole time Grace was squeezing and flicking my penis. It only took a few more seconds of her fingers on my penis before it couldn't take the arousal and erupted a waterfall of semen that probably squirted onto the mats. " little prick! You almost got me with that shit!" Grace said angrily. She then tightened her scissorhold even more and squeezed much harder. I remember trying like all hell to pry apart her inner thighs, but –

Grace was sitting next to me, she and Catherine laughing and smiling at something. It took me well over 30 seconds to lift my throbbing head. Catherine didn't even say anything and just showed me her phone. I could make out what was my face, all red and distorted as Grace squeezed with what seemed like full force, her thigh muscles bulging and pulsating. "Grace! Grace, let go!" Catherine said in the video. Grace then immediately released her clamped scissors, and to my horror, I saw my body totally convulsing and violently shaking, my arms and legs plopping up and down off the mats. I only stopped convulsing when Catherine slapped my face with her bare feet. I was immensely embarrassed and shocked that Grace had knocked me out that brutally, and here she was, giggling with Catherine. Catherine then pulled me by the hair and said, "I think you've learned your lesson for today! Lucky for you, we're hungry so we're gonna go grab a bite. It was a pleasure meeting you, Jussy!" Catherine excitedly said as she pet my head. Catherine then threw my head to the mats as she grabbed her shoes to leave. Grace then kicked me so that I was on my back and staring at my beautiful crush in the face. "Next time, I'm not gonna knock you out so much. I won't let you sleep through the pain! Bye, Jussy!" Grace taunted as she slapped my face with her foot and left to go get her shoes and leave with Catherine. Catherine turned around and giggled, "Enjoying being stuck in the friend-zone, small-dick-for-brains!" As I finally got up after around a minute, Catherine and Grace looked back at me and laughed ecstatically. I followed them out and closed the locking door behind me. They drove off before I weakly limped to my car. I could barely drive home, but luckily it was fairly close. When I finally got home, I immediately went upstairs and into my bedroom. I plopped down on the bed and uncontrollably sobbed from the humiliation that I suffered, but reveled in the sensual pleasure of finally being in between Grace's legs – and so much more! I accepted that I learned a few painful lessons the hard way that day: the friendzone is a brutal place to escape from; never grope your crush; and never fuck with 2 fit cheerleaders who can crush your body – and your spirit!



Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


Quote from: Stewie_Griffin on 16-Jun-15, 03:55 PM
Awesome narrative, ILS..... good job!

Thank you Stewie! That means a lot, coming from you. Did you read the entire story in that short amount of time? Do you think it was too short/too long? Oh and what does ILS stand for?  :)


I have a real problem with you or anyone else posting photo's of someone you know without consent - Especially in a forum such as this.
I will delete all photo's soon!


When he said ILS that was short for your nick name. All I would add is to avoid such large, unbroken blocks of print, it's really hard on the eyes and makes it difficult to read.

Try breaking up the narrative into more digestible chunks, it will improve the flow, other than that a great first story.


Quote from: Smothered123 on 21-Jun-15, 07:55 PM
When he said ILS that was short for your nick name. All I would add is to avoid such large, unbroken blocks of print, it's really hard on the eyes and makes it difficult to read.

Try breaking up the narrative into more digestible chunks, it will improve the flow, other than that a great first story.

Thanks for the feedback! I will space out the paragraphs more next time

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