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uploading using mega

Started by jjscooter, 20-May-15, 09:28 PM

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I've been trying to start contributing to this forum and like using mega, but i feel it is too slow for videos that are over 300 or so mb. How fast is it for other users? My rate is around 70kb/s


It should be the fastest there is. What browser are you using and what type of internet connection do you have (eg. dialup/broadband/fibre-optic)?
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


google chrome, broadband


Quote from: jjscooter on 21-May-15, 06:38 PM
google chrome, broadband

Yeah..I have normal Broadband and I get an upload speed of around 136kbps ::)
Very soon I will upgrade myself to Fibre Optic and will get a better speed.

Just stick with it my friend. You'll get that same speed with whatever site you choose to upload to. Yes..I reckon stick with Mega, coz after you upload the file - It will be very easy and quick to Download for most users... ;)


Mega isnt rly all that good anymore


Hi all, Im a new member and would like to share some videos. I have them uploaded with mega, but how do I give you guys the links to the individual videos? I know how to do thumbnails though

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