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Author Topic: Good Competitive Matches?  (Read 10519 times)

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Good Competitive Matches?
« Reply #15 on: 18-Dec-14, 08:32 PM »
Per the earlier review about Robin's ass, I totally disagree.  Flat?  On the contrary, she has one the the most beautiful and round butts in the game.. And strong too.  There is nothing like being caught in her reverse head scissors and staring right into her perfectly formed derrière.  Until she squeezes you so hard, you either tap or black out.

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Good Competitive Matches?
« Reply #16 on: 06-Oct-18, 03:51 PM »
I liked the photo shown in this section of VeVe Lane flexing her muscles and showing off that great body.  She had a match a while back with Raquel which was a great competitive fight.  I was quite surprised at how VeVe after a short while was breathing heavy to keep up with Raquel who really put on a great display of agility and speed compared to the slower VeVe.  A black vs. white match is always great to see and the skin contrast was a highlight with VeVe's very white skin against Raquel's dark.  Unfortunately Raquel used every inch of the mat to show who was boss in this fight.  She submitted VeVe twice in the first round and it didn't get any better for VeVe in the second round.  After another quick submission concentrating on VeVe's head with headlocks and rear naked choke outs she got her on her knees again and waited to put on the quickest rear naked choke that I've ever seen.  She about had the strong VeVe near tears as she rolled her keeping her head in check until she gave up.  That was the last submission of the fight as time ran out.  VeVe was not easy to beat for Raquel but she did punish her badly.  VeVe did not show good aerobic fitness in the fight and that was surprising.   VeVe's face turned from white to red both from exhaustion and embarrassment considering there were a few witnessing the fight.  Final 4-0.