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Ass-grab ends up in a beat-down from female MMA fighters.....

Started by Ronald_Frump, 01-Jun-15, 03:50 PM

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Oh wow I was just listening about this story on last night's Wrestling Observer Podcast.

Here's the link of them talking about that night club fight:


The sad thing is, this would be classed as excessive force to be counted as self defence in my country. The women would be tried for assault and since kicking was involved it would be considered grave. They would also receive a sterner punishment for being trained fighters. According to our law, you are not allowed to use your fighting skills except for in self defence, and since they continued to use violence after his initial attack had ended, it is not considered self defence.


Yeah I'm kind of surprised they didn't end up getting charged with anything. I can only guess the guy was too embarrassed/scared to report it. As much of an asshole he was it was excessive after the choke.

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