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Frankie Zepitelli review

Started by restaurador, 09-Jun-15, 12:52 AM

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All of my reviews are fron long time ago ( 5-10 years) but i think they could be kinda useful still today.

This one was when i visited Vegas for first time and she was at town working as a model in some kind of convention.
We arranged easily via mail and get to meet at her hotel. Was an strictly semi-comp wrestling session (sadly i knoted montths after that she work in the porn industries so maybe i could get some, but no major problem).
She is stunning and sweet as hell. Her face rank easily at the top 3 of any session wrestler ranking.Her body is big (thing that i approve) but aesthetic: big boobs, great curves, nice legs and ass, but everything big.
She's playful, some skill, some strength. Nice to chat, bye bye.

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