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Author Topic: Need submitters and possible mods for sub reddit  (Read 4415 times)

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Need submitters and possible mods for sub reddit
« on: 10-Jun-15, 11:15 PM »
So a few months ago I decided to make a sub reddit dedicated to session wrestling because there was not one there. I made some posts my self and a few others have made some posts but for the most part it is very small. Im not sure if people know about it, so that is why I am here.

Some people may ask why I am doing this and are there not good sites out there all ready. Let me explain. Sites like wb270 are very goo when it comes to travel updates and overall list of woman. However the reviews there are total crap. For the most part they are very short and cliched/unreal. I cant tell you how many reviews there go "I am 6'2 220 lbs and wrestled in college but this 5'3 130 lbs woman wiped the mat with me! Dont hesitate to meet her! Not to mention some of the reviews are very old, and the site is updates oddly. There are some woman that are clearly not active but are still listed.

There are other sites out there that dont have a good travel update list and the reviews are just so so.

My  goal is to create a place where men can go to and get help full information in the form of good reviews or by asking good questions.

So fell more than free to post your reviews or questions.