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My First Session- Miss Molly Review

Started by supaflan, 21-Jun-15, 10:45 PM

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How's it going everybody? I've loved the mixed wrestling fetish for a long time now, so I decided it was finally time to give an actual session a go.

The women I booked a session with, who goes by Miss Molly, isn't a professional mixed wrestler, but rather just a general dominatrix who happens to offer mixed wrestling. Going into the session, I had a lot of worries that I imagine other people with this fetish tend to have.

"What if girls who aren't super-athletic can't actually hurt guys like they do in the videos?"

Or on the opposite end of the spectrum:

"What if getting scissored is actually too painful to be enjoyable?"

So when I met Miss Molly in person, I noticed that she was a lot shorter than I expected (maybe only like 5'2"). That worried me a bit, but I did notice her thighs were nice and thick with a very well defined butt and calf muscles. She didn't have a particularly athletic build, but I could definitely tell she worked out her lower body. (she told me later this was through roller-derby) I myself am 6 feet, 175 pounds, and on the skinny/non-athletic side.

I was surprised, and very turned on, when she declared at the beginning of the session that she is perfectly fine with full-competitive wrestling and that she will kick my ass for sure. We agreed to this and stared the match. Her upper body was weaker than mine and whenever she tried to put me in a headlock, it barely hurt and I was easily able to break out. Despite this advantage on my part, I notice she was staying in control of the match due to her superior knowledge and experience in wrestling (I have little myself).

She quickly snapped me into a front headscissors out of nowhere and that was when the true domination began. I felt helpless and could not break out anyway I tried. She flashed me a sexy and cocky grin while saying "You see, this is why I'm not worried about any of my males clients. Even if they tried to rape me, they can't!" After tiring me out in the scissors, she pushed me onto my back and mounted me in a schoolgirl pin. I tried my hardest to break out, but could not. She would even teasingly free my arms and welcome me to try to power out, but would then demonstrate her dominance by forcing me back down. I was helplessly pinned and forced to look up at this beautiful and sexy women who was in complete control of me. I tapped out after enjoying the position I was in for a while and we reset back to our starting places.

We went at it for a little bit with her mostly in control, putting me in holds like headlocks and armbars that I was able to power out of without too much trouble. She then wrapped her legs around my waist for a body scissors and it was all over. I could feel a tremendous pressure crushing me as I tried to pry her smooth thighs apart. I couldn't budge her legs an inch with all of my strength and any attempts at rolling or wiggling were useless. I was forced to tap out once again.

The third round was the same story, with her slightly in control and then getting me into another body scissors which I had no choice but to submit to.

For the fourth and final round she told me "Just to let you know what's going to happen, I'm going to make you tap-out again, but this time instead of letting you go- I'm going to make you jerk off and cum for me while still in the hold". If rolling around and feeling her up didn't get me going enough at this point, hearing her say this line gave me a raging boner. We started wrestling again and for the third time, she caught me in a body scissor. I submitted to her yet again, and true to her promise, she didn't let go and ordered me to start beating off. I obeyed and started jerking it while she told me things like "It turns me on to see that you like being used and abused.", "Good boy", "You like this don't you?".

After a few minutes, I reached my peak and had an amazing orgasm while still being squeezed by her. The take-away from this for me was that mixed wrestling in real-life is every bit as great as I imagined it. It definitely hurts a bit, but the pleasure outweighed it heavily. For those who are skeptics, let me just say that a girl with a powerful pair of legs can literally leave you begging for mercy, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


That's a great review and sounds like a fun session. Always nice when the female has some surprising skills.

Where is Miss Molly based out of?  Any link to her site or contact info?


Since Molly advertises her services publicly, might as well give her biz a possible boost by sharing her link:

Thanks for sharing your mixed wrestling cherry popping experience :)


thank you for the review. I have pretty much the same worries. One reason why I never considered having a session yet.


hi thank u for the review how long were you in her bodyscissors for


Quote from: peetex1 on 09-Oct-15, 08:47 PM
hi thank u for the review how long were you in her bodyscissors for

I probably lasted for a minute at most each time. That's how strong it was.

It was great.


thanks her legs don't look that strong but its happen to me before so I believe u thanks for the report

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