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Started by ilovescissors, 22-Jun-15, 07:39 PM

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Hi all, I had a question about Utopia. I know that a lot of us share the videos that can be bought by non-members of the site, but i also noticed that some videos are exclusive to only members of the site - they can only be viewed by subscribers to UT. Does this mean that we non-members are missing out on even more full-length videos? Can any members of the site verify this? I've been contemplating joining it. Thanks!


Utopia makes some full length videos available for download to members. They are mostly old videos. They listed in the catalogue with the rest, but if you go to the preview page for the video you'll be told its available for download to members (so you'd be better off paying for a month of membership.

I'm not sure if this has changed. This is how it worked the last time I was a member. If you go to the website now, you'll find a huge number of older videos have been removed both from the clips and the dvds/downloads sections of the site. If you search them on google and follow the links to their pages on Utopia, you'll find the pages empty. I don't know if there is a corresponding change in the members' only content, because I'm no longer a member. Input from someone with an active membership would be helpful


only short videos are at the member setcion.
there are some full videos but they old and everyone know them.

honestly i dont get this one min clips, u can see some good ones, and they surely didn't wrestle for a min, so why just dont film it and realease a full-length video? could be some classics there.
dont be lazy, give thanks if u like =]


Been a few years since I was a member but I agree with most everything both malderat & hate1991 are saying.
At the time I was a member, it was normally once a year that Kip(the owner of Utopia) released one or two older video as a free member download, normally around Christmas time or shortly there after.
To my knowledge there hasn't been an exclusive full video download released on the membership site, certainly not when I was a member.
I didn't mind the one minute or more clips, just kind of wish they lead somewhere, whether eventual release as a full video download or eventually release all clips to either membership site or on his Kip's classic clip for sale site that has seemed to gone nowhere as he hasn't released anything on there in a long time.

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