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Wildcat Wrestling Entertainment

Started by Vampiro60181, 15-Nov-14, 01:03 PM

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Apologies to those that placed orders but Rain no called/no showed. Refunds will be given. Rain was given a chance after some bad reviews appeared on Facebook. Don't make the mistake we did.


After being shown some unprofessional, Ashley Wildcat is bouncing back ready to take on three special ladies this month.

First on 6/10 is one of Wildcat Wrestling Entertainment's newest Kittens, Jordyn! This girl is primed and ready to make her debut. Will the student pull the upset over her mentor. Or will Ashley put this girl in her place? It's all up to you.

Later on 6/19 Reality Girls, Loren Blaine steps up to the challenge! It's Chicago vs Tampa as the two beauties get ready to throwdown!

Lastly, the second Kitten training under the Wildcat debuts at the end of the month. Wait until you all get a load of Mizz Amanda Marie.

As usual, send all custom orders to!

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