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Andrea Rosu - Scissor Domination and Fighting Goddess

Started by AndreaRosu, 21-May-15, 04:59 AM

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I have always been deliciously curious and adventuresome; always wanting to taste more, try something else,
delve deeper and further into my colorful desires! Now I have a platform to share my experiences and experience yours. 
Come join me, partake, drink in and keep me wanting more and more.

My body is meant to perform at the highest levels.  My legs are sculpted for maximum impact.  My ass is round and tight, perfect for face sitting and worship.  Do you dare challenge me to a physical feat?!  Do you want to see my body in action?

Here are some of my favorite things:

Muscle domination
Female wrestling
Mixed wrestling
Transformation fantasies
Hypnosis/mind control/robot

I'm currently open for custom requests on the above things!
To see your fantasies become reality in a custom video, email me at


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More Pictures:

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I'm an athletic, strong, dominant, muscular with curves in all the right places model who especially loves using her physical prowess to dominate.  My strong thick thighs make any man and woman beg for mercy, my biceps can choke you out, and on top of it all, my mouth can dish it out.

I specialize in videos that use my talents and skills.  I adore receiving customs that showcase what I'm capable of.  I want to introduce you to several videos that might interest you.  I work with other strong impressive women (as well as women who are absolutely no match!), and take great pleasure in putting men in their place.  I would love your thoughts/feedback.  And of course, if you're interested in a custom commission, please don't hesitate to email me at

New Updates:

A Photoshoot that Ends in Scissoring-HD, mp4:

Candleboxxx Stole My Man-HD1080,mp4:

Cum on My Boxing Gloves-HD, mp4:

I'm Stronger Than Any Man-HD, mp4:

I'm Stronger Than Any Man- The ReChallenge- HD, mp4:

My Moves Entrap You-HD, mp4:

My Powerful Thighs and Ass Can Crush You-HD, mp4:

Part 2 of 2: Andrea Rosu vs Big Booty Savannah Fox- HD, mp4: (wrestling, face sitting)

To see your fantasies become reality in a custom video, email me at
Contact me for a custom -

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