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Info Required.

Started by charon, 25-Jun-15, 09:45 AM

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Hi guys ( and gals ),
        Does any forum member have ANY  info on a UK model called Kelly ( aka Princess ).  She mainly modeled about 8 years ago and was about 18 yo at that time.  She was mainly a glamour/soft porn model, but also did some fetish wrestling work for producers such as "She's Boss".  She made a couple of DVD's and then disappeared from the scene without trace.  I have posted some pics of her by way of illustration.  ANY information on this wrestler/model would be very appreciated.



I know of one woman who calls herself 'Pink Princess', she provides session wrestling from her apartment in Greenhithe in Kent. She has a website so take a look. Not sure how old the pics you posted are so it may be the same person.

I hope this helps.



Hi Smothered123,
       Your reply to my query about Kelly (aka Princess ), may prove interesting.  Do you have a website address for the fetish wrestler that you mentioned ( ie Pink Princess ).  It may be the same girl, but I have been unable to find her website.

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