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Started by llordzzx, 27-Jun-15, 05:42 AM

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when ever i've tried to go on mega, for about the last 5 days on this computer, i get the screen in the picture below, i've tried using both chrome, and internet explorer, but it still happens. i know if i use my desktop i can get on the site, but i really prefer to do most things on my laptop.

anyone have any idea whats causing it, and how to fix it?
if so would be very grateful


I don't see a picture in your post.

There are two versions of mega. 

Do you get the same problems using both?


Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


sorry must of forgot to attach photo, i put it at bottom of this post, this is the chrome message, i get similar messages about certificates on both iexplorer, and firefox, although worded differently.

any ideas? thanks, and sorry for forgetting photo, and late reply

edit: picture is pretty hard to see at bottom of this post, its kind of white, so just look hard below and click on it

and both, and don't work, although only gives that error message, with it just seems to never load and stays a white screen fover.... i can access every other site on the webb pretty much, and i can access it using my desktop no idea whats wrong. and i don't know what certificates are

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