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Wrestling Simulator - Callie vs Amadahy

Started by wrestling_pi, 25-Jul-15, 09:55 AM

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Okay - so I've put together some work to do this structure - essentially a simulator for a single match, run it as often as you like.  This is kind of a test run, something I did for this forum only really.   Open for suggestions of who to feature in the next 1 on 1 simulator.  Keep in mind matching the render versions is tough, so keeping the bikini's/hair as simple as possible is the key. Roughly 500+ renders included.

This feature Callie vs Amadahy
You've been dating both Callie and Amadahy behind their back, well you should have known better.  Two strong, athletic women are both confident they could win you by settling this difference on the mat, in a catfigh to the finish.  One girl will leave the other humiliated and defeated, as she heads to the showers to get ready for a celebratory date with you.
pass: squeezequeensonly
Just unzip anywhere and start the exe, it should work.

Also - anyone who looks similar to a real wrestler is purely coincidental.

Open for feedback, thx.


No comments yet? What a shame. I really think you are a talented artist and I love that you keep working on your simulator. May I ask if the combatants in this version are based on real women? I do believe I recognize them. Anyway, great job on those pictures. Many, if not all, of them are really good. I absolutely adore the facial expressions. Thanks!


Loosely based is the term I would use, Matching looks is pretty rough with the poser models that I use (v4's face doesn't react well when attempting to match someone up to a real life person).  To do the renders, I have a "script" of 250+ poses that I did by hand for every move... lots of work.  I have roughly 350+, but use 250 of the best, it takes about 4 days of rendering, 24 hrs a day to render a match, so I figure it was easier to package just 1 vs 1 simulators.

Open for suggestions for another one.  Although at the time of posting this, I had 6 downloads, so maybe it's not necessarily something popular which I can understand.


Amazing art, have to get my PC back up and running to try this!
My Celebrity Wrestling polls votes always appreciated and check for results/ CSV posted to forum!


I think the next "fantasy" simulator will involve two girls wrestling in thongs, should be fun.
Now for some names and ideas of what they should look like....


i extracted it to a folder, then try to run the ws.vshost exe and nothing happens


Try running ws.exe

I'm not sure what the vshost exe is for, but the main application is ws.exe

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