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First session EVER (scissors)

Started by Btee, 01-Aug-15, 12:09 AM

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Hi All,

after long last I finally get fulfill my fantasy on getting scissored by a girl by booking a scissor session next week. It will be an hour scissor session and I requested her to KO me a few times which she is happy to do.

This is my FIRST ever session so I'm not quite sure what to expect, I have watched plenty of scissor clips in my time but they're mostly short 10 -20 min videos so I don't really know what will happen in a full hour of scissor session?

Can anyone share their first session experiences?

What does a scissor ko and a triangle choke ko feel like?? Can it be painless?



...Wow???  an HOUR of scissoring...?!?!!? Awesome!

Well I've been in a few of the Femwin Scissor Circles and those only lasted 15mins or so and I'm telling you was EXCRUCIATING!! I found the Reverse Scissors most painfull! Figure 4 was EXTREMLEY Tight!!!
(but fun)

OK - these were not for one hour - but still - your Neck is gonna be very sore and if she gets the side of your head then your cheeks and jawbone will be sore too, lol! - I was close to being knocked out by Gia Primo, Shauna Rayne and Kassidy once..

Sorry I can't tell you about the KO's though(!)

Someone else maybe can carry on from here.... ;)

Anyway - you'll have fun!! Have a great session man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :D



Yeh I really doubt I'll last an hour of full on scissoring so I'm just here seeking for advice for other things to do during the session.

I'll probably start off with some light sensual scissoring and then get her to up the strength as we go :D

I seriously can't wait to get put to sleep in between a women's thighs :D

I requested her to put me to sleep in a triangle choke hold (hopefully painless) and reverse headscissors.


So I'm guessing she's experienced/competent in applying these KO holds and knowing when to let go?
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Hey Stewie,

Yeh she says shes a trained fighter and trains in BJJ

She has knocked clients out in the past.


Judging by my own experiences, an hour of really hard squeezing is no fun. You will be too sore to enjoy it after first 15min and it's tiring for the girl too. If you want multiple KO's on top of that, you might really regret it.

But you (or she, depending who's really in charge of the session:) can always 're-adjust' as the session progresses. Just keeping you trapped in various scissors while you try to escape can be a lot of fun; and simply pulsating or upping the pressure slowly helps you to last longer too.
You can only take peak of women legs' power in short bursts anyway, so after the initial feel-out most women dial their squeeze for your particular neck and only slap on the max squeeze when you start to wiggle too much to try to escape  :D

@KO's: some people can take multiple KO's, but most can't.. be careful what you wish for :)

Let us know how it went! (preferably with pictures:)


Hey Matey,

have you been Ko'ed before in a session? if so, what did it feel like?


Not in a session but at other occasions. I didn't like it, and don't recommend it, esp. when it's just the two of you in the room.

Quick ones felt like a short micro nap, almost like you just blinked for too long, not too bad. Long one felt like coming back from being gone with the wind for weeks and total disorientation for quite a while until your body regained its bearings.

Not a fan of being KO'ed myself at all, but I understand your need to experience it. It is a rush.


oh ok. How does one perform a quick KO and a long KO? Does it depend on how long they held on to the hold?


Of course. The effects depend on how long after she KO's you she continues with the KO-inducing pressure. As soon as you're out, she should release or lower the pressure. Anything else is a very risky game to play.

The change between "I'm awake" and "I'm KO'ed" happens in a second so she needs to be on top of her game to catch it. It's good you picked a girl with previous experience but still, your life will be in her legs, so consider yourself warned.. lol.


mate, thats sounds exhilarating and thats what I want lol


There's no pain if she knows what she's doing. She doesn't need to squeeze that hard to put you out either -  with your blood oxygen level sufficiently lowered by, say, 20 minutes of prolonged scissoring, even a mild burst of direct carotid pressure might result in KO.
It's flash like no other, but it may get nasty afterwards. My first KO - a deep one - was followed by the mother of all vertigos which ended that particular session for good. No such problem with serial micros. So my advice is - if you plan to go all the way out, save it for last.   


Fuck, I'm so devoed atm. The girl who I was going to session with contacted me and said she was sick so she can't do a session with me tomorrow :(



I know JUST how you feel.  The exact same thing happened to me, I was going crazy looking forward to the session with someone traveling to Chicago and then she got sick right before.  It's about as frustrating a thing as can happen to you.


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