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Author Topic: How did you first become interested/aware?  (Read 14886 times)

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How did you first become interested/aware?
« Reply #30 on: 13-Jul-15, 04:58 PM »
For me it was a female cousin who was a few years older and much stronger than I was. I guess she was experimenting with her burgeoning sexuality and saw me as a safe way of exploring her urges. Under the guise of play wrestling she would take every opportunity to get me on my own and take advantage of her height and weight superiority.

No sooner would these wrestling games commence than I would find myself on my back with her soft, moist crotch smothering my helpless face. There were no fancy technical holds, just different ways for her to get my face pressed tightly into the crotch of her knickers, she obviously enjoyed the proximity of my face and her crotch.

At first I hated what she did but after a while I grew to love that feeling of being held securely between her thighs as she wriggled around on top of me. I would even provoke her in order to initiate these sessions, she always willingly took the opportunity to get me down and smother me. As well as front and rear face sits she was also expert at smothering head-scissor holds, especially the reverse figure 4 which she had learned from watching Kent Walton's grunt and groan brigade on Saturday lunchtime TV.

I suppose I have spent a large part of my adult life trying to recapture that feeling of helpless delight as I lay there with my face smothered in her damp knickers. Such happy memories...sigh😋.

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How did you first become interested/aware?
« Reply #31 on: 22-Sep-15, 02:34 PM »
This is still kind of a new thing for me.. so still trying to figure it all out honestly.

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How did you first become interested/aware?
« Reply #32 on: 24-Sep-15, 05:18 PM »
I was about 8 or 9 years old and living in the projects, a set of apartment buildings in NYC.  The area around the projects was a slum.  One day as I was headed home I saw two kids fighting.  I recognized them from the area.  They were brother and sister.  She was a year older, maybe 12 and 13, but about the same size.  From what I could tell she was supposed to bring her brother home; he refused.  As I watched the girl took over the fight, beating him bloody and eventually dragging him towards where they lived.  Something stirred in me and it's still a part of me all of these years later.