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Started by Lilys Facesitting, 24-Sep-15, 12:38 AM

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Lilys Facesitting

Hi everyone,

Here's some pics from a few of my recent videos. You can find descriptions of the videos or buy them at


Lily xxxxxx


Hi Lily, Thank you for sharing these Fabulous pictures, to everyone is who viewing this thread, Lily's clips are Fabulous and so sexy and erotic. Have a GREAT DAY TO YOU AND HUBBY


Your facesitting pictures are just bout the sexiest thing I've ever seen. There are literally millions of pics of women sitting on guys faces on the internet but yours are different, you seem to be that rare type of woman who actually gets great pleasure and enjoyment out of subduing a man using your crotch, not just going through the motions for the camera.
You remind me of how my fetish for this began when I was a teenager. And older more mature closing of mine would take every opportunity to get me alone for a wrestling match, 'just some harmless fun' as she put it. She ran and directed these sessions and I went along with what she wanted. We would strip down to our underwear, she would invariably be wearing very thin, tight white panties that to me always looked a bit too small but boy did they fit snugly round her crotch and pull up into the crease of her arse.
Before long I would find myself trapped in one of her favourite holds, either a forward head scissor with her hands on the back of my head, pulling my face thigh into her wet smothering crotch. Or the reverse figure four scissor hold, where she would pull back on her crossed over ankle, forcing my helpless face tight between her arse cheeks, or a reverse facesitting pin, again smothering my face beneath her ample arse. But her all time fave hold was definitely the forward smother pin with my hands pinned to the floor above my head and her wet, bulging crotch
engulfing my nose and mouth. Once she had me helpless in this pin she would set about as she called it "getting herself comfortable" or "getting me just where she wanted me". This involved her sliding her wet panties back and forth and side to side over my face until she was satisfied. As you might imagine this could take her quite some time 😉. On more than one occasion she would 'accidently' snag aside the thin wet crotch of her panties, smothering my nose and mouth with her engorged wet labia. She would slide around on my face using it as a playground for her pussy, every now and again leaning forward so she could bump the still nub of her clitoris back and forth across the bridge of my nose, flooding my face with her musky juices which would gradually build up in my mouth to the point where I'd be forced to swallow them. This always elicited a throaty little chuckle from her and she'd say something like, "did you enjoy that? Don't worry there's plenty more where that came from".
As you can imagine, this left a powerful effect on my sexual preferences as I got older and have enjoyed this scene all my adult life. I'd love to know if you ever subject boys to this type of treatment when you were younger and how it made you feel. Looking at your wonderful facesitting pics I can only begin to imagine how wet your crotch must get while you hand out the treatment to your helpless victim. I greatly look forward to seeing further pics of you enjoying yourself.

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