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In Progress - Upton vs Kerr Simulator

Started by wrestling_pi, 09-Oct-15, 01:43 PM

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Working on Kate Upton vs Miranda Kerr. 

Obvious Upton's finisher in this simulator will be a breast smother.  Moveset will be of a heavy variety - throws, smothers, etc.

Not sure how to make Kerr - more of a scissor gal or a scrapy fighter who opts for chokes... maybe a technician using more painful stretching holds.  I'm going to make an effort to give each a different moveset.

Hopefully will be starting on all the renders shortly - I've got Upton in a white bikini and Kerr in a yellow one - those matched some promo photos I wanted to use and make texturing a hell of a lot easier.



I believe Kerr will have to resort to technical moves such as scissors and chokes. Upton has about 2 cm and 11 kg on her, so a regular fight head on sounds like a poor idea for Kerr.


Any progress on the latest simulator? I have been dying for updates since your initial teasers :)

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