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Author Topic: Session with Orsi b. and Kimbra advice  (Read 3012 times)

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Session with Orsi b. and Kimbra advice
« on: 11-Oct-15, 03:11 AM »
Hello all!

I planned a session with orsi b in now 19 days. Recently she contacted me that she had injured her knee, it will e recovered by then but she is not able to do full intense wrestling like competitive the doctor said. She said she can still do a fantasy session or what we also could do is to have a session with her and Kimbra. So that Kmbra does the wrestling part and Orsi the dominating part, what should I do?? For now I've confirmed to do the double session.

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Session with Orsi b. and Kimbra advice
« Reply #1 on: 11-Oct-15, 06:46 AM »
Just enjoy it, I think, you lucky thing! :D