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What do you keep, skip?

Started by wrestling_pi, 28-Oct-15, 12:42 PM

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I find myself more and more skipping certain downloads, and deleting content.

Wondering if most people are "hoarders" of material - even stuff you have no desire to ever watch again.


My collection is very small and select, which reflects my personal tastes. F/F only.
Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


In the beginning I hoarded everything, since why not? I actually lost my own collections twice from deciding to "get a life" since "I actually have a girlfriend now" and deleted everything because I was ashamed of my sexual preferences and certain that my porn collection would destroy my relationship if it ever was found. I have regretted that both times, so now, I am a hoarder.

However, I am beginning to be more selective of which videos I keep today. They need to be special in some way for me to want them. As part of this process I am also deleting files I have stacked, that don't make the cut.


I think that as you grow older you get more selective as you gradually find out what you really like and focus on that. I tend to keep a much lower proportion of what I get now than I did before.


At first any media with even a hint of F vs. F aggression was a great find. With the passage of years, and with the embarrassment of riches that is the internet, I'm much pickier wrt attractiveness of girls, type of action, outcome (my favorite must lose), and video quality. I generally retain one or two best performances of each girl I like.


I agree that over the years I keep less and less.  That being said, if a video involves one of my favorite girls, I'll pretty much always keep it even if the genre isn't what I usually go for.  I also collect videos from 2-3 companies that consistently produce the sort of stuff I like.


At first when I was fascinated by the genre of mixed/female wrestling, anything pretty much worked for me. Now I have a pretty refined taste in what I'd like in a match.
Generally my ideal match would be a mixed wrestling match where the match starts out even and then eventually the female is completely dominating. There's a balance in the amount of sexiness that a video should have. I cannot stand nude or overly sexual matches but I love a match where they're both wearing skimpy clothing and theres lots of body to body such as this


As the time go, I concentrate more on Asian girls and particular girls with the kind of body type I like.
I systematicaly avoid too thin girls, too muscular, overweight, and girls who have not the body type of a fighter (generally the kind of fashion girls with big boobs and too slim body)
I also skip vids of maledom, jerk off, sexual acts, hardocre SM...
Sometime I skip big files, because my Internet access always mess with big downloads.


I prefer slim girls, preferably non-enhanced, using mainly bodyscissors as a submission, or body to body pins.

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