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Mutiny banned from US for 6 years.

Started by Vampiro60181, 09-Nov-15, 12:23 AM

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News from Facebook.  Somebody ratted out Mutiny to Customs Agents.  She was accused of falsifying paperwork (she was going to be filming and thus working when she put down that she was in the States for fun), detained for hours and strip searched.  She could have been banned from coming to the US for 20 years but worked it down to 6.  Whomever ratted her out should be prepared to be stomped by her fans and various producers.


By all accounts she lied about the purpose of her trip. Given the nature of the business, I can understand why, but still, she wasn't treated differently to anyone else who would have done the same.

HOWEVER, I also gather she was flagged to the authorities by the same individual who tipped off UK customs about Lia Labowe (who had also filed incorrect visa paperwork). This is a pretty concerning trend alright.


Bloody hell.  I wonder who the sad git is doing all the tipping off. (and yes I know that technically Mutiny has done wrong, and freely admit my bias towards her because of this fetish).


This is making my head hurt. I was just at the other place and nearly everyone was victim blaming going on about proper paperwork. Stop. Please. This is more bizarre than anything Terry Gilliam imagined in Brazil. Side with the human being, not the bureaucracy.

What happened to her and how she was treated is so far beyond fucked up. They came and grabbed her from where she was staying, stripped searched her, held for six hours, threatened with prostitution charges, prison time and a 20 year ban. And apparently that's okay because she had the wrong paperwork. The problem isn't Mutiny. It's an oppressive and broken customs agency.

Check out her facebook page to see the whole story. The threats she was receiving from the guy who reported her and how she calmly tried to deal with him is remarkable.

Also worth noting Mutiny did not lie. She does not pocket thousands of dollars from these tours. After the amount of money she spends in the states on travel expenses she's hardly and sometimes not breaking even. If you've followed her this was a sight seeing trip she's been planning for a long time, even though she was doing sessions it was not a "work" trip. Even if you want to call it "work" the legality of what does and doesn't quantify as work quickly becomes stupid. Say an American residing in the states sends her payment for a custom video that is shoot in Canada. That's okay. But say he sends her the money while she's traveling in the states? Now suddenly that's work and illegal. It's total bullshit.
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You can argue that customs and border controls should be more liberal in general. I'd agree and, I think a lot of people would. But there is an element of you know what the risk you're taking is.

The police are often overzealous and unreasonably heavy-handed towards women where they suspect sex-work (and by extension, drugs, as the two are often connected). This is bad and the way they treated Mutiny sounds completely unnecessary and humiliating, that is not in dispute.

Work is still legally work even if you don't make any money off of it. Even if your work doesn't cover your bills, it's still work. Now, you can argue that working conditions are shit for low paid people and need to be addressed. Again, I'd agree, and again, a lot of people would.

Nothing you say is per se unreasonable. But the system is what it is, and right now you have to abide by the rules, fair or not, or you get punished. What's insidious here is that there is someone who is deliberately targeting session wrestlers who are travelling - i.e. there's no way Mutiny here, or Lia in the UK, get caught without someone tipping customs off. This is the key point - our little community isn't going to change the customs & immigration system, sadly, so what we need to focus on is if there is anything we can do about the asshole who has decided he wants to make these womens' lives hell by blocking them from customers and having them barred from countries.

Railing against the injustice in the over-arching system is understandable, perhaps even correct, but it doesn't fix the problem in the here-and-now (and pressure groups on the issue are unlikely to want to make a session wrestler into a banner case) for the sessioners. The system can be worked around, but one individual is preventing that work-around from happening.


Sad to hear this, I though she is an American. Where is she from?


Quote from: martin on 09-Nov-15, 08:39 PM
Sad to hear this, I though she is an American. Where is she from?



Perhaps she should have came through the southern border and claimed to be undocumented and looking for her family.  She would then be celebrated instead of banned.


Quote from: wrestling_pi on 10-Nov-15, 10:55 AM
Perhaps she should have came through the southern border and claimed to be undocumented and looking for her family.  She would then be celebrated instead of banned.

I'm not sure where this is going but I have a feeling it's nowhere good. Let's stick to the discussion at hand, eh? :Pol:


This happened to Flamedragon a while back. The ban is now lifted but she no longer travels due to the frequency of cancellations. Guys, Don't Cancel!!!


Yeah I read about it a bit ago. Absolute bullshit. I do think it will be lowered eventually, her ban that is. So hopefully we can Mutiny back around 2018.


The ban can be lowered or even removed altogether, but it's going to require a good lawyer who specializes in these types of cases and it won't be cheap.

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