Should there be or is there a banned list ?

Started by tvwatcher38, 21-Nov-15, 10:48 AM

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Looked around & didn't see one but should there be a banned list with the reason or reasons why ? I know that we can see them listed as banned when we go on a particular thread that they have posted on but seeing as they may have been banned on a different thread that not everyone goes to I think this would be a good idea for several reasons:

1. It would give new members a place to view the reasons & frequency that moderators have had to ban someone, so they won't make the same mistakes.( I know, I know......there's already rules listed with easy access that people don't take the time to read & understand)

2. It would allow moderators to direct them to it so they wouldn't take up space arguing or questioning them of why they may be banned if they keep up with a particular offense.( They do have to direct them to the rules over & again I know but sometimes just reading the rules may not be enough & this could help show how serious the consequences are for breaking of the rules)

If there is a place already please let me know as I searched & couldn't find one.

If not let me know what you think as I think this might actually be a good idea for not only current members but future ones as well so we can all enjoy the forum.



Quote from: karo70bogy on 21-Nov-15, 11:19 AM
Main reason(s) for getting banned on this forum briefly :
- detected multiple account('s),
- disrespecting the contributors & moderators,
- asking for stuff without contributing. :Pol:
Didn't know people tried to have multiple accounts.
Thanks, karo :)


We don't have a high percentage of banned members. People are asked to fall in line with rules and regs, then if they ignore the advice, they get an official warning. A ban is the last resort, so it's similar to "3 strikes and you're out".

The exception would be a particularly rude or abrasive reply to a mod's advice or intervention.
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