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Emma's Wrath

Started by Technope, 07-Dec-15, 12:36 AM

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I had a lot of fun writing this! The last part is not finished yet but I have learned a ton about my fetishes. Its very liberating. I look forward to seeing your fantasies, stories and hearing any ideas you may have for me.


Emma Watson has you entirely plastic wrapped up to your shoulders you are immobile on a large steel table in a dank abandoned factory. A chilly draft wanders through aimlessly churning its way up to the high ceiling. Weathered windows seized open from years of rust provide a dark yellow hue to the factory. The smell of wet mold and steel cling to the thick air. The occasional drip of water in the distance is the only sound that can be heard. You have not fully regained you bearings but sense a weight on your chest. This weight moves to your neck as you come through to realize Emma is sitting on it in a classic schoolgirl pin. Her thighs clad in dark blue jeans slowly slide down the sides of your face as she finishes getting into position. She does not acknowledge your presence and casually turns the page in the classical book she is reading.

You feel her denim thighs inching slowly down your face. You tilt your head back as far as you can like an animal scratching for their last breath before finally sinking in quicksand. Suddenly she flips you on your stomach. Now her legs are able to lock and crush your face deeper into her crotch. The same fear Leia, Han, and Luke experienced in the Death Star trash compactor comes over you. Emma is no longer reading but studying your face as it slowly contorts itself under the pressure of her tight dark blue jean clad thighs. The jeans don't provide an airtight seal but it is still difficult to breath.

You move to a better position to resist, as you move she grabs two handfuls of hair from your head and pulls your face even deeper into her crotch as her face intensifies. You feel like your skull is going to collapse. Your muffled moans now fill the rundown factory. She releases your face but her thighs remain locked securely around your neck, the seams of her jeans remain imprinted red and swollen on your face. She returns to reading. The occasional sound of water drops fills the lonely factory again. It's going to be a long night.

...Suddenly she tosses her book carelessly over her shoulder. The sound of fluttering pages is met swiftly by a hollow thud as the book slowly collapses to a stop on the rough factory floor. Quickly dread comes over you as you realize Emma focuses is entirely you. She unlocks her ankles, running-shoes squeak against the hard steel table as she gets ready to push herself out of position. Emma eases your head to one side with her palm. You feel your skin pulling slightly against her jeans. She inspects your neck with soft delicate hands and tenderly asks looking into your eyes:

"Are you ready to be my slave?"

To which you reply in a perfect Dark Knight voice due to the prolonged squeeze:

"A man chooses, a slave obeys."

You can tell that's not what she wants to hear as a look of disappointment and sorrow comes across her face.

She sets your face to the otherwise cold steel table that has been warmed by her body. Your head quickly rolls to one side. Your neck can no longer support the weight of your head. You feel Ms. Watson flip you on your back and you let out a moan:

"Ugh... Never start with the head, the victim gets all fuzzy. He can feel the next..."

Emma clenches her fist and as swift as a comet comes down hard on your stomach.

You barely manage to gasp:


She angrily pulls your shoulders towards the edge of the table, your head falls limp over the edge. With two quick successive rips of grey duct tape an upside down Emma Watson silences you indefinitely. She jumps up on the table and quickly takes her position sitting on your chest. You lift your head up as much as you can still recovering from her vicious blow when suddenly Emma's fingers slide through your hair and interlock around the back of your head holding it parallel with the table. You begin to panic.

She slides her entire weight from your chest to your neck. Her biceps flex as she pulls your head up and begins to squeeze mercilessly with her inner thighs. Emma leans back slightly, your neck now the fulcrum to her dastardly type one lever. It's excruciating. As you begin to spit, gack, and wither beneath her you catch a slight smile of satisfaction on her face. It is short lived however, you squirm just enough to begin sliding off the table. Emma quickly reacts and slides to the ground landing on her rear at the opposite side of the table. You roll off the other and with a thud you hit the factory floor and slowly roll coming to a stop fifteen feet from the table. You let a sigh out through your nose.

You see urgency and fierce determination as she stares at you from under the table. Your heart misses a beat as you look down and realize that the plastic around your left arm has been loosened during the fall. Your fight or flight response immediately fires on all cylinders. Hope burns inside, you can tell it is clearly displayed on your face for as you look up at Emma again she leers with disgust and hatred. Her intense stare is petrifying.

"If you fucking move slave..."

Her eyes close in a  euphoric-like state of anger and lust. Biting her lower lip she takes a slow deep breath. Her beautiful dark brown eyes open. She smiles at you  seductively. Simply calling you her slave drivers her insane with excitement.

You resist and are deeply frightened by this response.

She ascends to her feet using her hands to push off the floor like an Olympic sprinter. Dust twisting and churning where she had been sitting. Her tight fists rise and lower as she bolts towards you. Her right shoe catches puddle that explodes sending tiny shimmering drops of water into the air in all directions. She gracefully slides across the top of the table feet first snatching the duct tape as she approaches.

Frantically you kick and push to put as much distance between yourself and Emma. The plastic pulls and snaps underneath you as it snags on uneven pieces of cement. Your hand comes free and you frantically rip at any plastic you can grab. Emma tackles you and quickly slides up the slippery plastic encasing you, it's a fight for survival now. You wrestle for a second but she decisively pins your arm with both of her hands. She sighs and confidently collapses on top of you with a laugh of relief resting her temple against your forehead. You can smell her sweet brown hair as you breath heavily through your nose. She turns, playfully pressing her forehead firmly against yours. With a satisfied smirk she gazes deeply into your eyes, the condensation of her minty breath building on the duct tape sealing your mouth. She whispers a drawn out:


In one last ditch effort you manage to desperately slide your arm out from underneath her. She swings her body around top of you, her perfect butt crushing the side of your head into the cement. She attempts to restrain your free arm with both of hers but your strength out matches hers in this position. She adjusts her feet and forces your face deep into her perfect denim butt. Her cold running-shoes effortlessly hold you in position. You twist and wrench underneath her, your lungs feel like they are on fire. You can hear how rapid your heartbeat is in your head. She lifts her butt slightly and you gasp as much as someone can gasp through their nose. She has left you so little room between her butt and your face that her scent dominates the little air she allows you to breath. She releases your arm, without any delay you frantically feel your way up her thigh to her butt. Her jeans are tight, however you manage to create an area to increase your allowed airflow. You inhale rapidly. She laughs. You feel completely humiliated by how much control her butt has over you.

Her knuckles land on your stomach hard forcing the freshly acquired air out of your body. Your hand recoils to your stomach. Your cry of pain is muffled by the duct tape.

"Obey me slave!"

You feel the small space between her butt and your face disappear for a second as she leans back to deliver another punch. You try to parry but you have no line of sight. She lands another devastating blow.

"OBEY ME SLAVE!" She yells over her shoulder.

She quickly swings around to deliver a final crushing punch. But her fist harmlessly lands on your stomach and in a voice of surprise and disbelief utters:

"Obey me?... slave?"

Your arm obediently rests at your side. She is awestruck for a second before slowly pressing her butt onto your face. You understand the situation you are in, it's a test of loyalty. You give in and accept the agonizing smother. She bounces and grinds slightly on your face, you carefully time your breathing with each of them.

"See a Goddess can be merciful." She purrs softly.

She releases your head, turns and climbs on top of you, rips the duct tape from your mouth and starts kissing you uncontrollably out of lust. You kiss her back uncontrollably but out of fear. After about ten minutes of this a dazed Emma Watson pushes herself up and seals your mouth again.

"Now let's talk about your punishment as she looks towards her feet."

Your heart sinks, you hate feet.

She can read this in your face and cocks her eyebrows in a look of distrust and annoyance. You fear for your life. But nothing becomes of it. She rests her feet upon your chest you can feel the rubber through the plastic securing you. She pulls herself forward to fasten your arm, her hamstrings bulge under her tight dark blue jeans. She wiggles her shoes in excitement as she finishes making you completely helpless again.


THANKS! I think I scared myself for life (in a good way) with this haha. I wanted to portray Emma as realistically as I could in this kind of  scenario. So I was scared to be too dark but now I think in my works I would like to explore that realm of darkness.

ass kicked by girls

Quote from: Technope on 08-Dec-15, 12:19 AM
THANKS! I think I scared myself for life (in a good way) with this haha. I wanted to portray Emma as realistically as I could in this kind of  scenario. So I was scared to be too dark but now I think in my works I would like to explore that realm of darkness.
Go for it! I think a lot of guys wouldn't mind the realm of darkness that goes with having their face forced deeply in Emma's tight jean butt! 8)


It's very easy to work with Emma I'm looking to hophully finish her story on a strong foot. Ha-ha I don't even know who I could try and tackle after her... This lady seems interesting but she is Russian. Who are some ladies y'all might like to see in someone's story. Athletes, actress or scenerios...

Anna Sidorova

Those are some lonnnng legs she is 5 10 without heels.



Great story, hope to see more... wouldn't mind the foot domination materialising properly too... as you say, finish on a strong foot ;D


Gina Carano, Michelle Jenneke,  Alex Morgan,  Maria Sharapova

My vote would be for Gina or Alex but you cannot go wrong with any of them.


Part II

Emma slides her feet off your chest which relieves you greatly. You don't want anything to do with her feet. You look up and are forced to squint. She is standing in front of you looking over her right shoulder slightly. Beams of sunlight that have managed to penetrate the weathered factory windows dance along the curves of her butt, legs and chin further emphasizing her beauty.  Emma surveys the factory with a serious face looking into the distance. Scattered pillars of sunlight hover motionless around you only the dust composing them swirls. If you could capture this moment it would end up as piece of communist propaganda. The pure majesticness of her face would bring a tear to Che's eyes.

She grabs your feet and starts pulling you past the table you have just escaped from, the popping of plastic signifies your movement. You are pulled through a door and are blindfolded before you are awkwardly pushed into the backseat of red car where you passout from exhaustion.

You wake up disoriented as Emma finishes binding your hands behind your back. She is sitting on the back of your head forcing your face into the scratchy carpet. You no longer are plastic wrapped just your feet and hands are bound. You feel different now that you have slept, more bold, you refuse to go down without a fight. She flips you against the end of the bed. It's a simple room with a queen bed, desk and dresser. Emma lays before you sprawled out on the carpet, her right calf resting on top of her left knee. Her foot circling precariously close to your face. The dimmed lights bring out her facial features as you look into her playful eyes.

She stares at her feet in a daze, her teeth scrape her lower lip tenderly as she slowly pushes her heel off with the opposite foot. When the shoe finally reaches the precipice of her heel it slides off and dangles from her foot idly. Immediately she locks eyes with you and giggles shyly, her sleek brown hair spread out across the floor. Her white ankle sock tightly hug the arch of her foot. You turn your head away. The faint smell of sour feminine perspiration lingers from her shoe.

"C'mon It's not that bad slave." She says in sarcasm.

"Take my shoe off now slave, use your tongue." She moans.

"Ahhhh... But Goddess..."

"Yes slave?" She says tenderly.

"You forgot to say please... "

CRASH! Her opposite shoe slams against the bed, it splinters slightly. Her foot slides over against the side of your head so you cannot turn away. She sits up and wraps your mouth in two layers of duct tape. Frazzled hair covers her face from the static build up on the carpet. She lets our a quick dainty puff of air that reveals a furious and pouty Emma Watson face. It's frightening but she is so fucking cute when she is this angry. Doom hangs over you though. She wraps her arms around her thighs and raises her foot, toes flexed up centimeters from your nose. You can see her socks are slightly worn with a few holes. You know you can can only hold your breath for a short time. So to spite her you breath in small amounts to dilute the smell with contempt in your eyes.

"Clever. Fucking. Slave..."

She applies pressure with her foot. Your nose pushes against her sock as it squeezes in between her toes. She pinches your nose shut.

"Look into my eyes if you want to fucking breath slave." She say as she hugs her thighs tighter to get a better view of your suffering.

Your eyes remain tightly locked. You can feel her toes wiggling lightly against your face, her sock still moist from her shoe. Your anger flares as your oxygen slowly depletes, you look around the room nervously. Your nose makes a small squeak as you try to suck in any air, she tightens her seal. You're broken, you shyly look into her beautiful angry brown eyes. You get a strong whiff as you gasp but immediately close your eyes again for it is too humiliating. She cuts you off.


You meet her eyes again, she loosens her toes. You breathe in fiercely through your nose, the sour feminine perspiration you had experienced earlier assaults you. After about a two minutes of sniffing her foot she seals your nose again. You are still staring into her eyes but are not allowed to breath. You make sure your stare conveys confusion.

"Beg me with your eyes slave. Beg me for permission to smell my feet. I want so see you cry and whimper."

You stare into her eyes like a sad puppy, humming nervously as you think of ideas to avoid crying for her. You  plead with your eyes. A vein on your head must be bulging because it has attracted Emma's attention, she pokes it curiously with a finger. A smile slowly grows on her face as you grunt and squeal like animal to regain her attention again. You scream behind the duct tape her perfect, white, skin tight sock still locked around your helpless nose. She allows you a burst of the sweet smell of her sock as to prolong your suffering. Tears well up in your eyes accompanied by trembling whimpers as you gaze into Emma's. She plays with her hair and smiles devilishly as she decides if you deserve to smell her feet.

"You may smell my sweet aroma slave." She says jokingly.

You have never breathed so deep and rapidly in your life the smell of her feet circulates through your body. She is not done though you have not even caught your breath before she forces her foot in your face again. You can still breath but it is only air you can manage to painfully suck from the fabric her moist sock. Emma moves her toes slowly down your nose. When you reach her first pair of toes which you have not suffered between she forces your nose down stretching her sock. It is easier to breath between her toes but her scent is much thicker. A slight vinegary feminine sweat smell numbs your mind as you inhale.

"You are not allowed to exhale any of my aroma slave." She says strictly.

You make pleading, trembling, snivels as her next toe passes under view. She makes sure to prolong this part sadistically. Panic sets in as you near her next pair of toes.Your muffled cries intensify, you buck and kick like a bovine prey animal as she sinks your nose deep into her moist whiteness.

Smell slave!"

Your eyes cross slightly as you frantically suck as much of the vinegary scent from Emma Watson's moist sock as you can. The intense odor makes you delirious. Your chest expands as the pressure builds in you lungs.Your begging continues as she slowly moves to her final pair of toes. The nudge of her next toe on your nose signifies you are almost there. Your eyes open wide in terror as you look up at Emma from underneath her tight white ankle sock. She wiggles her toes on your face and laughs at you. You begin to panic you don't  know if you will survive another set. You look back down and horror strikes. You see a hole in the sock where your nose is about to be engulfed. You start squirming your head frantically but it is useless. You close your eyes to try to hide the tears, but they roll down your face and are absorbed into her sock. You look back up at your Goddess one last time with a feeble pathetic whimper to avoid this last torture, to try and beg for mercy. Her face remains stoic. Your frantic muffled wails are lost as your nose is gradually shimmied into the hole in her sock. You can hear the fabric tearing as you are forced deeper between her toes.


A sick unnatural wheezing sound can be heard from your chest as you struggle to smell Emma Watson's Moist, vinegary and tear dampened sock. As soon as you stop sucking she plugs your nose. Your face reddens intensely under her soft white sock and your eyes bulge from your head. A stream of pressurized air spurts from the corner of your eye creating a salty mist thanks to the tears that have gathered there. She flexes her toes up, you feel like a tire deflating. You blow frantically out your nose the thick smell from her foot clings to this air. You inhale from the depths of her sock again in relief. It's quickly becoming your favorite smell.

She stands.

"You know what? The treadmill will speed up your progress." She removes her socks and shoves them in her shoe.

She catches you staring at her flawless creamy feet. She immediately enters a modeling stance showcasing one of her arches. Smiling into the distance.

"Don't worry slave I'll make sure you get acquainted with them when I get back." She laughs.

You flinch as she crouches next to you and starts securing the opening of her shoe to your face.

"You see slave I've been brainwashing you with my intoxicating smell. A female can achieve this with a simple pass on the street. Imagine what damage I've done to you... Soon you will not be able to resist me. Muahahahahaha" She puts the nail of her pinkie to the corner of her mouth.

She wiggles the shoe seductively on your face and whispers in you ear:

"Every breath slave... Every. Single. Fucking. BREATH."

THUD! She socks you in the gut.

She had noticed the small breaths you had been taking.

She diminishes the lights fully and shuts the door. Her shoe is becoming more powerful with her scent as the condensation created by your nose dampens the insides. Your head is becoming cloudy with every breath. You start to realize what she says is true. Your vision is now becoming dizzy. You rub your head against the Floor and slowly loosen the shoe from your face. As you breath the fresh air it clears your head. The room is black but you can see dark shapes of things around you. The light under the door faintly shines across the floor. You can hear rhythm of the treadmill in a room below you. This is your final opportunity to escape.


Part III,

So I have a full footfetish now...  Haha.


The door creeks open, a cool draft rushes into the room from the dark hall. The soft white carpet reflects the telltale flashes of an idel mute television from a distance doorway just before the stairs. You make your way through the ominous hall on bound hands and knees. As you crawl your shirt rubs against the scratchy carpet creating random snaps and arcs of pale blue light. You peer cautiously into the room. It is empty except for a TV, couch, and desk. Something on the desk catches your attention. You claw your way over and hoist yourself up. The periodic flashes of color from the television reveals hundreds of candid pictures of yourself from months ago. She is definitely not going to let you go without a fight. You loosen the duct tape from your mouth using the corner of the desk. A sliver of light from a passing car slowly glides across the wall  onto the ceiling gaining in speed as the car draws closer. It vanishes and is replaced by the drone of the car as its red lights fade into the distance.

The steady rhythm of the treadmill beats in your head. Hypnotizingly you visualize Emma sitting on the floor clutching a tuft of your hair gently forcing the sweaty white sock that clings tightly to her foot deep into your mouth. You hysterically shake, buck and yelp frantically as your mouth slowly stretches around her foot, the tension building. Your lips now squeegee the sweat from her sock, it builds around your lips and trickles in via the corner of your mouth. The salty taste of Emma Watson's feet fills your mouth. Emma stares in a trance at your slobbering face with a look of disgust coupled with intense arousal. Your eyes widen in terror as she dangles her other foot in front of your nose. She loves the terror and panic it causes. You snap out of it you are chilled to the bone by such horrors.

You inch down the stairs on your hands and knees. The wood creaks and cracks softly under your forearms. As you hit the last step you hear the steady rhythm of the treadmill stop the only source of light comes from this room. You find the dark outline of a door in the shadows and scurry in. You seek refuge under a bed.

Soft footsteps on carpet gradually grow louder.

You peer through a small fold between the seam of the bed skirt that must have been created when you scampered under. You see Emma's running shoes come to a halt. She bends over and touches her toes.

Your eyes begin the perilous climb from her dark grey running shoes speckled with neon orange and yellow highlights. They pass the tight flawless white trim of her ankle sock bordering her slender ankles and up the defined curb of her strong fair skin calfs glazed with sweat. Your eyes continue their trek scaling her wet, creamy, and intimidating thighs, your eyes seeming to move almost hand-like as they pass over every inch gently caressing and massaging as to pay tribute for safe passage to the next territory on their journey. Her hamstrings and quadriceps slightly bulge from the workout. Her grey running shorts are pressed tightly against the pronounced curve of her perfect butt. You ought to give up and be ravaged for your insolence. But man's will to survive proves more powerful. Your eyes continue to climb her tight, damp light green shirt. Like in a churning sea your eyes sink and rise on her abdomen, arms and over her perky breasts finally reaching her slender neck. You reach her beautiful face and strong jawline. A drop of sweat falls from her brow and is quickly absorbed thirstily into the parched carpet. As she slowly rises from the stretch her beautiful brown eyes seem to meet yours, the perilous climb undone?

"There is no way she can see me... Right!" You think.

Her eyes narrow and she's scrunches her nose as a look of suspicion comes over her face. She quickly heads to the stairs.

Her slave is up to no fucking good sense is tingling...

You frantically use the metal from the bed support to free your hands, you roll out from under the bed and unravel your feet. As you head to the hall you hear the familiar squeak of the stairs.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly must be playing in a room nearby because Ennio Morricone's Ecstasy of Gold crackles throughout the halls.

Emma's presence lingers in the shadows behind you, it seems that this is to be the final shootout. Your long stoic shadow cast across the floor stops directly at Emma's feet. You run your hand through your hair as you turn your head slowly down to the left eyes closed and let out a small laugh due to the irony of the situation.

A lone dust bunny slowly rolls and bounces, meandering between you and Emma, it vanishes into the next room. 

Ecstasy of Gold continues.

You turn slowly towards her, eyes still shut. You interlock fingers and rest them against your mouth and nose. You crack your knuckles and let out a long breath, looking up for the first time with determined eyes. You slide into a wider stance fingers flexing next to your imaginary holster.

Emma stands in front of the door with her hands on her hips she slowly rolls back and forth from her heels to her tippytoes her quadriceps and calves bulge in an attempt to remind you of their devastation earlier.

"You ain't gettin' outa these parts tha easy boyh." She says quickly, tilting her head with cocked eyebrows .

"I'll give ya to tha count o' three to surrendera. An hiff yah dount..."

She raises her eyebrows:

"Imma' crush yah mercilessly tween' them thahs." She points down towards her legs.

You would laugh, but you know she is dead serious. Her southern accent is adorable.

Emma starts the count.


Ecstasy of Gold fades.


Emma's eyes narrow fiercely.

You draw.

"BANG!" Your air pistol cracks.

Emma dramatically falls against the door her pony tail pressed to the side of her head. She slinks down.

"Ugh, you shot meh! She says horsley with a devilish smile clutching her chest.

You have no time for games though, freedom awaits.

You lunge for the door. Something about her presence seems to weaken you. During your struggle.You take special care that every move you make does not hurt Emma even though you are frantic to escape, you don't understand why. You manage to pry the door open. You are just outside when Emma delivers a last desperate kick to the back of your right knee. You twirl falling out the door your elbow catches Emma's lip, you fall into the front lawn. Emma is sitting in the doorway the corner of her lip is bloodied. You look back in concern, Emma stares at you with a look of curiosity. You regain your bearing, you scurry to a sprinting position you barely make one step before you are tackled and pinned. Silky dark brown hair hangs in your face but you can still make out a young, beautiful, and pale lady. She stares down at you with hazel eyes and in a awkward shyness says:


Though she can not hold you down as you start to press her into the air. She tries to yell:

"Ni...NA!" Her voice cracks. She looks up in embarrassment with a wide goofy smile.

Suddenly you feel someone grab a tuft of your hair. Two long shapely legs unwind securely around your neck from behind. You can feel the sleek nylons rubbing against you, her black high heels cross near your knees. You feel helpless as you study the high arches of her feet.

You are slapped rapidly in the face multiple times as the voice from behind you says:

"Ummm... could ya set Ms Roberts down? I'll promise to not squeeze you."

Emma Roberts lands on Nina's knees on your chest. She makes a overdramatic frown curling her bottom lip and looks swiftly from side to side.

Nina slaps your face:

"Are you a good comedian? Ms Emma Roberts here will be your audience."

Ms Roberts releases your hands, she places a hand on her chest throwing the other stretched out behind her. She elegantly bows with a proper smug look upon her face. Ms Watson sits next to them and looks on curiously.

"The audience doesn't fucking bow Ms Roberts..." Yells Nina.

"Now make her laugh, comedian."

You reply in a mocking tone:

"So this one time I went to Emma Watson's house and met the female versions of Laural and Hardey. I guess they hung out there because they knew they were never going to escape Emma Watson's shadow."

Emma Roberts lets out a loud awkward laugh but immediately silences herself as she looks up at Nina in a forced blank expression.

You can see your Goddess Emma Watson holding back a smile.

"So to avoid any confusion Emma Roberts you are officially Emma One." She claps rapidly.

You point over to Emma Watson:

"Emma Two."

Emma Two gives you a death stare with her beautiful brown eyes and mouths the words covertly:

"Emma Two?!? You're fucking dead."

Nina continues:

"No. No. No. Animal sounds..."

Emma One agrees with a:

"Mmm hmm!"

Her nylon thighs begin to squeeze. Your arms reach down in  an attempt to pry her feet apart they quiver near her calves.

"WOW! Fucking pathetic your arms barely reach half way down my calves! Just feel how solid and perfect they are."

Emma Two grasps your wrists hard as steel and pins your arms to the grass. She whispers in your ear:

"Slave... If you even think about touching her calves" She closes her eyes and breathes for a second.

"I will force you to spend an entire twenty-four hour period between my thighs begging for forgiveness. Than turn your skull into the finest bone meal this world has ever fucking seen."

Emma releases your hands and enters the house.

"I'll be right back." She chimes.

Nina tightens her long legs. Her olive complexion is beautiful under her nylons.

"The audience has yet to laugh!" Nina yells as she smacks your face.

You start to panic as her thighs tighten, her quads are starting to bulge. You Moo half heartedly.

"Whaat!? This isn't a fucking petting zoo! This is a slaughterhouse bay and kick like a proper cow!" Nina yells as she intensifies the squeeze.

You go bug eyed as you watch her knees get closer together, her shapely thighs feel like stone as your hands desperately try to pry them apart. Ms Roberts stares down at you with an unmoved face.

"Let me help you." Nina urges.


She releases you for a second and pulls up on your chin applying full pressure her long olive legs lock out straight.

"BAY COW!" Nina demands.

Deep from your chest a horrendous wail somehow forces its way through your crushed neck and out your mouth. You drool, buck, and kick frantically between Nina beautiful thighs. Nina pinches your nose shut. Your eyes glaze over in fear as your wail turns to a panicked guttery snort. Ms Roberts laughs hysterically at your patheticness.

Emma Two returns with plastic wrap you have no energy to resist you are wrapped tightly to your neck and carried back into the house. They throw you behind the treadmill.

"Dam I should probably get back on the treadmill again." Emma Two sighs.

Ms Roberts climbs on top of you she knows it's her turn. She throws her arms in the air and tweets:

"Tada! I will be your torture...ER?" Her eyes squint in confusion.

"Is that a thing? Torture...ER?" She says in a pondering face scratching her chin.


"I will be your torcher...ERRR! She utters in a perfect death metal voice.

"You're... dumb." Nina blurts.

Ms Roberts laughs at herself awkwardly and pushes her silky dark brown hair behind her ear and yells:


You mockingly cry with the little strength you have left:

"I wanna new Mistress!"

"YOU BRAT!" Ms Roberts scolds.

"Wow you haven't even smothered him with your feet yet and he is already in agonizing pain..."

"HISS! I guess I'm... Just that good...Uhhhuh huh huh!" Ms Roberts say in an Elvis voice.

"God..." Nina moans.

"Anywho... Just let me show you my resume, geez!" Ms Roberts assures you.

Her sneakers rest upon your chest you can see her bright green knee socks through worn holes. They run up her milky white legs and disappear under her tight blue jeans.

"Here's my resume!" She points to her shoes.

"I hope years of torturing men with my feet will due."

You let out a slow faint feeble cry.

"No feet..."

"WHAT! You haven't even smelled em' yet!"

You notice that when Emma One speaks it is very articulate with a lot of facial expression and hand movements.

She continues:

"I really don't have to go far to find a young cocky victim and lure him back to my house. My favorites are the ones who are afraid to be completely restrained... so vanilla. But that's something a few seductive whispers can fix. I love than asking if they have anything planned the rest of the day. Usually its work, job interview, or an important test."

"My favorite story... I call it Roberts Corp. Benjamin was having a rough week he has been late twice already. One morning he had thought he had gotten lucky with me, you know a quick fuck before his important dream career interview. Do all of his dreams come true? Or are they smothered as he stares at a clock from behind my creamy toes. HAH! That was the most sadistic I have ever been... So stay tuned!"

"Anywho... For experience I have found that it is one wrap of duct tape over the mouth per hour of torture. Otherwise excessive rubbing coupled with sweat could offer them a temporary escape if the tape falters... And that's bad for business!" She says in a deeply animated man voice wagging her finger side to side. 

You tremble underneath her as your breathing increases in fear.

"Is she crazy? Duh..." You think.

She wiggles her feet on your chest you can smell the vinegary feminine odor quite strongly. Ms Roberts moves with precision you feel like a laboratory project underneath her.

"God no..." You moan weakly as the smell hits hits you.

"Aged to perfection!" She says calmly. She brings her fingers together on one hand and kisses them like a chef.

"I've had these for years as you can tell, or..." She bites her lip and looks to the right awkwardly.

"Smell? HAH!"

She brings out a empty and full water bottle. Her voice is flawless and smart as it bounces around elegantly.

She looks down:

"You see I've found that a little water can really help bring out the flavor and pungency." She clenches her teeth in a weird wide smile.

She removes her sneakers and sets them aside carefully. She starts rolling the knee socks down to her toes one after the other. Revealing her perfect moist creamy white feet, her toe nails painted bright green. You can tell she spends hours making them flawless.

The smell is incredibly strong.

"Please... PLEASE!" You beg with your last bit of strength.

"See! Nobody in their right mind would let these sock near their nose... So you need persuasion..."

She pulls out a stun gun, as she click the button the crackling blue arc of electricity dances between the electrodes.

Your eyes open wide in terror.

Nina's nylon feet dangle from a chair next to your face. You finally get a good look at her. Nina's olive complexion goes well with her light brown eyes and silky dark brown hair. She is wearing a tight black dress cut off mid thigh.

"You are one sick twisted fuck Ms Roberts." Nina comments. 

"Perhaps..." She says studying her socks, sitting cross-legged on your chest. She dangles her long sweaty green socks above your nose.

"Smell em!" She says as she shoves her socks in your face.

You inhale a dense sour feminine aroma.

"Very good, but be sure to flare your nostrils though. I really want you to get the full experience of my tantalizing aroma." She says in a concerned voice.

"I do like to make sure my clients are well informed, I have been wearing those socks for... approximately two weeks." She says rubbing them slowly into your face.

"And to make myself clear there will never be a second where you're not eagerly sniffing at least one of our feet. And if any of these lovely ladies thinks you are not smelling as vigorously as you can I will send electricity through your body. Be especially vigorous with me I don't want this smell I spent weeks accumulating to go to waist. Also you may only open you mouth on command otherwise it will be looked upon as resistance resulting in..." She flares the stun gun.

"Ahhh, this is the life." She moans as she slowly works your nose in between her toes. Her big toe rests to the right of your nose and slowly rubs against it.

Humiliatingly you stare up at her from underneath her soft moist toes. Her silky dark brown hair contrasts beautifully with her perfect pale young white face. She looks down with hazel eyes eagerly awaiting your first sniff.

You inhale deeply then wheeze sickly from the intense pungency of the sour feminine sweat clinging to her foot.

"Awww... see!" She cringes and shakes her head.

"You're too quick out of the gate... You're blowing away all the smell before your next breath! Deep controlled breaths is definitely the key."

"In..." She sucks with her nose.

"Than out..." She whistles with her mouth.

"Well not out your mouth obviously. I need the moisture from your nose to bring out any hidden aromas my beautiful feet may be hiding."

You try a deep breath but your gag reflex is triggered..  You writhe and couch underneath her as filth from between her toes enters your lungs. The sour vinegary smell is starting to numb your mind you need an opportunity for fresh air soon. You moan helplessly.

"I like the way you suffer boyh!" Ms Roberts mocks in a grizzly voice wiggling her toes in your face.

You wince.

"Yea yea... I guess doesn't help that your nose started between my toes. I think you just sucked the majority of the filth from between them."

She raises the stun gun to her face.

"Do you think I came on too strong?" She chuckles.

"No pun intended." Her smiles fades.

The stun gun cracks, you frantically shake your head no and struggle as you take another breath. Your right eyelid droops it goes completely numb. The room is spinning.

"Great! I'll keep you snug nice and cozy right there between my toes then, Keep up the progress!" She winks and gives you a thumbs up.

"But let's get you between a new pair... huh?  The filth really gives my toes the funk it needs."

"It's not the funk my toes need. But the funk they deserve." She says in a batman voice.

"Nailed it." She tweets.

She spreads open a new pair of toes licking her other finger she rubs in between them with a focused face, tongue pressing against her cheek.

"Voilá!" She smiles looking into your eyes.

"Letsa' go!" She says eagerly.

"Annnd.... Yoink!" She says as she removes her fingers separating her toes.

They close slightly on your nostrils.

"Tight fit?"

You nod quickly with worry in your eyes.

"Ugh yeah... Garsh wish I could help ya but that would involve me moving my toe three millimeters." Ms Roberts says with a frown.

"Oh and... I'd rather watch you take long painful drawn out breaths of my foot odor as you start slowly suffocating between my toes." She says sealing your mouth with her hand.

"Am I being too sadistic?" She says biting her lip as she twirls the stun gun by your face.

You shake your head no earnestly. But fail to hold back rolling your eyes.

"Roger dodger foot slave... Roger frickin' dodger." She says.

"FUCK, I'm gonna have to science the shit out of this." You think in the words of Mark Watney.

You take your first long drag with your nose the smell is so pungent and powerful that a tear starts to build in your left eye. As you start the slow release she sees the tear.

"Was the smell so bad it created a tear? I'm flattered!"

She grabs her bright green sock and absorbs the tear with it. Your eye immediately becomes inflamed.

"Darn I'm sorry. I guess I shouldn't have used the overly crusty part but that's pretty much everywhere anyways." She wipes a few tears again further inflaming your eye.

As you begin your next  breath you start to suffocate.

"Wow one breath? Don't worry I have just the thing you need!"

In a perfect announcer voice Ms Robert sings:

"Introducing Emma Roberts revolutionary breathing plan...! Are you tired of gagging and suffocating on the foul foot odor of your mistresses perfect feet? Well, look no further! Let Emma Roberts take you on a journey and uncover the secrets of becoming that perfect foot slave your mistress has always dreamed of! Guaranteed!" You hear the sound of duct tape rip.

"It's as simple as forcing a revolting two week old sock into your slaves mouth." She forces the sock into your mouth.

"Sealing it." She pressed the duct tape firmly against your mouth.

"Than controlling every breath he takes with your toes!" She pinches your nose shut.


"If your slave suffers the first two minutes we'll throw in a second nauseating sock ABSOLUTELY FREE!"

She cups her hand by her ear and listens with an eager smile...

You writhe and wail beneath her creamy moist white toes, nails painted bright green.

You feel the tape rip off your face as another sock is forced in your cheeks stretch perversely as every inch of this orifice is now filled with her moist savory light green knee socks.

Nina chuckles. And rubs her soles across the sides of your face. Massaging your cheeks into the green socks in your mouth You hate Nina she gives off the aura of being perfect. She is rich, beautiful, intelligent and has everything she could ever dream of. Her arrogance drives you mad. You both look at each other angrily.

"Emms I want him to take a long sniff of my nylons... and if he breaks eye contact with me... Shock his ass."

As Nina moves her nylons over your nose you see holes and crusty sweat clinging to them. You desperately need to breath. Suddenly your nose is freed you inhale the vinegary scent from Ms Roberts foot followed by the new cheesy fragrance of Nina's nylons. Your immediately become delusional from the mixture you fight your eyes from crossing remaining loyal to Nina's angry dark brown eyes. She is furious you were not shocked and clutches her fists. But Nina always gets what she wants... Nina makes a cut off motion with her hand by her neck. Ms Roberts toes pinch your nose, it sounds off in a final desperate squeak.

"Make sure he really gets a good whiff this time and toss me that water bottle."


Nina catches the water bottle and takes a small sip. She spits on the bottom of the of nylons you are about to smell. She seductively massages it into her feet the the crusty sweat dissolves into the water saliva mixture. She waves her hand in her face and cringes. Even Ms Roberts recoils in disgust. As she is massages it between her toes she says:

"Agree to one shock and I will spare you."

You gladly except. Your whole body tenses and a incredible pain shoots down your spine. Nina laughs slapping the table. She bites her knuckle looking off into the distance. In horror you look up at her nylons still above your nose you yell and struggle in anger. Ms Roberts releases your nose and rests her feet on the duct tape of your mouth. Nina's nylons hang an inch from your nose. You start inhaling the moist ripe cheesy smell. You are smothered as her nylon clad foot crushes your nose.

"You pathetic fuck you don't deserve the honor to smell my feet. So beg me!"

You beat your head against the ground and scream. As Your eyes start to roll to the back of your head.

"Enough!" Ms Robert exclaims:

"I have a surprise!"

She can't stand her feet not being centerstage.

She forces Nina's foot away she is the dominant odor again as your nose is squeezed in between a different set of toes. Ms Roberts looks relieved as as you start pulling air between her toes. She pulls a sealed bag out from the sopha...

"Are you ready to do laundry?"

You nod your head yes in fear. She rips the tape from your mouth.

"Let's switch these out with something that has a real kick..." She bites her lower lip in and an attempt to hold back her laughter.

She pulls out a sealed bag with two long revolting dark grey soccer socks with blue stripes at the top, condensation clings to the bag.

"Guess who went to state this year! Ya not me... but I did wear these these to most practices." They appear lightly splatters in mud.

"I think that's why the bottoms barely exist..."

She takes her worn shoe and pours some water into it. She massages the water into the shoe and squeegees it into the empty water bottle.

"Okay open wide..." She halts.

"You know what? I believe working directly with the source... It feels more natural."

She dumps the grey water back into her shoe and rings it over your mouth it comes out twice as dark this time.

"Don't worry! I'll read you the ingredients of the filth I just squeezed from my shoe."  She rips out the ragged insole and winces as if she is reading:

"It says here filth consist mostly of sweat. Dirt. Toe jam. Grass and foreign debris my sock or foot may have have picked up from the floor in the last four years. Interesting, I had no idea!"

"On, yea! Let It pool in the back of your mouth." She takes her Moist soccer sock to your face.

"First let me show you around."

She shows you the bottom of the sock it is dark grey. You can see the imprints of where her toes rested.

"Don't worry! The majority of that is just caked on sweat and grime." As she brings the abomination to your face you resist wildly.

"You are a machine that separates filth from the the socks of your beautiful mistress. You will not blink at all. You will stare at my toes as you move your nose smartly between each of them sniveling and snorting pathetically as you savour the rich fragrance. All while as you swish and slosh my sweaty soccer socks in your mouth. Your neck will remain perpendicular with your body."

She pushes her soccer sock in your mouth.


"Okay... let's go ten minutes. Crannnnnk!" She sets a timer. Her sock tastes sour and salty mixed with a hint of dirt. As you start to swish her socks you cough and spit the mixture out of your mouth it is so foul.

She tightly grabs the stun gun. It fumbles in her hand as you start licking her feet in a desperate attempt to dislodge the latter foul tast from your mouth.

"Ughh get that sock back in your... Oh God." She hums.

Her feet are insanely sensitive. Her knees rub together as you continue to caress her feet.

She begs you to stop, bringing her other foot to your mouth. You can tell by how it coyly rubs against your chin she is too shy to ask you to worship it. She looks down with a sad puppy face, she is in a completely euphoric state. You move over and suck her toes on her other foot she's boiling hot now. She begins to put.

"WHAT DO YOU FUCKING THINK YOU'RE DOING WITH, MY! SLAVE EMMA?" Ms Watson bellows breathing fire.

Emma defends her territory fiercely. You have never seen so much hate in her beautiful brown eyes as she stares at Ms Roberts.

Ms Roberts enters her threat posture.

"THAT'S EMMA ONE, TWO YOU... MISSY." Ms Roberts snaps cleverly.

"And It would seem your slave has taken an extreme licking" She smiles seductively... "In me. He is such a sweet and compassionate slave I just couldn't leave without him now." She hisses.

"Maybe we should let him decide!" Emma spits, her beautiful brown eyes staring into yours.

"Oh God, what should I say?" You think.


I'm a Emma Roberts type guy but that is just me! :)

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