What lady or ladies got you to open your wallet ?

Started by tvwatcher38, 13-Dec-15, 02:58 PM

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I thought I would try to start a new discussion about what people look for in a lady before buying a video or membership for a site ?

I ask anyone that can contribute to this discussion please do, but please do not ask why someone hasn't contributed a video or why they don't share one of those videos. This isn't what this topic is about, it's about taking the pulse of our membership, contributing & non contributing alike.

I'll start with one that should be safe seeing as it's on the prohibited producers list so no one can share on the forum:
Scissor Foxes-( I was a member & bought videos )
3 come to mind- Cali Kobra, Deadly Sin, & Jayde.

I hope to hear from as many of my fellow members as possible on this topic, thanks in advance :)


I look for good content and *bang for your buck*. I also look for someone with a good reputation and has been around awhile.

I must admit though I don't have a ton of videos and not been a member to many sites. I rather save that cash and have a session. :)


Huh, thought there would of been a few more replies but thank you none the less for those of you that did.
Next for me is Deadly Females(was a member):
It was Michelle, Daisy, & Zoe that did it for me.


I used to do it for one lady in particular (lusa chloe). But now I just do it for the content. If the girl and situation are right, I will buy it.


I purchase from Fight Pulse quite a bit - a nice mix of videos there I find, and I enjoy the format.


I mainly purchase from Fighting Dolls but also some from Mixed Wrestling Planet, Grappling Girls, Mixed Wrestling Zone, Scissorvixens, Reality Girls Scissors, etc. 

For specific girls, I think Kimly/Eva at Fighting Dolls have some good mixed matches.  Recently found Lilith at Alpha Catz also. In the past I liked mixed matches that Luzia/Jana did at DWW.

I've spent so much money on this stuff... lol


Next is Scissor Vixens( as a member): Natalia, Lia Labowe, & Paris Kennedy.


Andi,Scarlett,Mandy,Morgan,Nikki Next From Reality girls
Cali Cobra,Aiden,Nessie,Deadly Sin,Nikki Next From Scissor Foxes
Jolene ,Shauna,Anna From Competitive Enterprises
Akela From Fight Pulse
Aneta,K-Lenka From Deadlyfemale Fighters
Cassidy-Athena From Shefights
Daphne,Samy,Sahara From Fighting Dreams
Alicia,Mary,Clara s, From Girl Fighting
Andrea,Robi From Italian Female Wrestling
Natalia,Olivia From Mixed Wrestling Planet


I buy quite a bit from Grapplinggirls. Kaycee, Summer, Lucy, Sonya and Mia are some of my favorites but I also like their format of bigger girl vs small guy.
Mikaela at RealityGirlsScissors.

In terms of girls who appear on multiple sites, I have a preference for thick Asian girls so DragonLily, Tyger Lily and AstroDomina are my personal favorites. When they do videos with skinny white guys I pay!


The OG APL videos. Linda vs. Claudia where Linda just demolishes poor Claudia, suffocates her with a crotch smother, then finishes her off with a breast smother leaving her motionless as Linda poses on top of her. Linda's the best.


I think Orsi B is the cutest wrestler I have ever seen. I 've never sessioned in my life, but paid for a couple of videos. It must feel weird if girls like Orsi suddenly lower their butts to sit on your face...

I loved Pam from she's got him, and the real seeming girls. Too much make up ruins it for me.

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