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Started by gbs1, 16-Dec-15, 12:07 PM

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Hi Guys,

Andrew Beddoes - Deadly Females

Just to let you know some sad and shocking news that the owner and Founder of UK Site Deadly Females (Not Deadly Femmes) - has sadly died.

I knew him and he was a top guy. He was a true pioneer of the UK wrestling scene who brought us some great videos.

Sincere Condolonces to his family and may he rest in peace.  Rip xx


ps: when i have more details etc...I'll let you all know..


*raises a glass* here is to a true pioneer. RIP!


I am so sad to hear that. May he rest in piece.
He was indeed a pioneer who introduced us to not only countless hours of enjoyment but to future stars in the industry. Watching the videos you could tell how at ease & probably fun the atmosphere must have been when producing the videos which is a testament to what type of person he must have been, for not only the  female stars of the videos but the males as well.
My condolences to all his family & friends.


Does anyone have a picture of the guy in question?
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