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Question for keeping all parts of a video in the same post

Started by douevenlift, 31-Dec-15, 12:02 AM

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So I just realized that I broke this rule on my thread because I don't know how to attach multiple previews in one post. I tried keeping all 3 parts of a video in the same post and I first attached a preview for the first part of my video but when I clicked "attachments and other options" to try adding another preview for the second part of my video, it would just override the first preview, and ultimately it only attached/added the preview for the final part of my video... Is there an "attach another file" option/button to click somewhere? Because if there is, I can't find where it is or how to do it.

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Yeah figured it out right after, I didn't see that small text "more attachments", meant to edit this post as soon as i found it and ended up accidentally editing the last post in my videos thread instead haha

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