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Strong sexy power girl

Started by Jebiga, 12-Sep-15, 04:39 AM

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Quote from: Jebiga on 12-Sep-15, 04:39 AM

Now my question: do you think you can beat her in a fight ?
Why do you think you would loose/win?
What could this strong goddess do to you ?


  • No
  • Because I'd want to
  • Whatever she wants


Use 7z / WinRAR - Password: VictoryIsMine!


She does look strong and those young legs never seem to tire.
So...1.No (rather wrestle,not fight)
        2.She's too cute to fight
        3.Show me just what those young muscles can do...squeeze the life out of me.

Either way I'm happy :)


1. All depends on the style of the fight. If it's a street fight no she couldn't. If it's a grabbing contest with very specific rules then yes she could. I'm a poor wrestler and despite how my strength due to working out 5-6 days a week, I tire easily (I'm a weight lifter who doesn't do a lot of cardio). So if she is highly skilled and has a big tank, she could beat be in that situation.
2. On our feet, my strength and striking would beat her. But on the mats, her skill, speed and stamina would kick my ass.
3. She could knock me out. Either choke me out as we're grabbing or as I'm too exhausted to continue, grab me by the hair and pull me to my knees and bash my face in to I go nightly night.

Regardless I have a raging hard on the entire time and be more then willing to worship her muscles postmatch whether I win or lose. :)




Same answer as the first girl. I will add this one seems tougher but the first girl is stronger so it be a toss up of who would be tougher to handle.


Guess I'm the only one for now. Any other ladies you had in mind?




With her muscles no. I'm actually a pretty strong guy. But I'm not that tall, very few skills and I tire easily. Therefore her skill, speed, aggression and stamina would fucking kill me.

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