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It was almost midnight in the hot night. I, along with Jean, Matt, Sophie and Catherine, eravano lying on the ground looking at the stars in the forest. They were beautiful, luminescent and really almost endless. Far away from city lights. After a fire, Jean proposes "beer?" And suddenly he pulled out of his backpack a dozen beers. He drank it in a very short time, and challenged us
"Who drinks faster than me?"
All we tried to drink as fast as he guzzles beer but there is no one that can compete. Then, beer after beer, began to not understand anything substantially. I just remember that Matt gave me a front Vodka fishing. Then I woke up. I was on the bank of a river, with a stick in hand and my shirt in tatters. No memory, nothing particular that I remembered of that night. Only my head was thumping his chest and it hurt, in fact I was wounded with scratches but nothing special. I stood up with the speed of a sloth, I looked around and I said,
"Where the fuck are they?"
 Already the forest was to me an unknown location, in fact Matt and I were visiting Jean who had just graduated. I began to walk a while and I saw a girl in bra and shorts. I approached and saw that it was Sophie. This woke me and said
"What are you doing here? Indeed, what are we doing here? I do not remember anything ..."
"Me neither," I replied.
Only then did I realize the breathtaking body of Sophie: flat stomach, legs developed (she practices gymnastics), two boobs not huge but not small, dark hair, long and wavy and with two green eyes really hypnotic. I looked at her a second and then said,
"What the fuck thou hast?"
"No excuse, I guess ... I guess I have the hangovers"
 Instead, I was looking at her fabulous legs.
He said, "You have here your phone? Mine was in my bag but not here with me ..."
 I looked in his pocket and found him, but there was no field and I could not call emergencies.
"Shit!" I told myself.
 "And what do we do now," he said.
 I did not really know what to say "Let's go around, maybe we find some of our comrades" She had on a pair of heeled shoes, but took them off, asked him why but he said only that she was used to go around like that. We began to walk, no nothing. After two hours of searching found a green lawn and stopped to rest. Finally took off his shoes
"That hurt! You were right it was better barefoot"
 I noticed how, without heels, reached me in the chest and she noticed this big difference in height and said,
 "But how tall are you?"
"1.80 metres, you?"
 "That's ... 1.65 metres poor".
We laughed.
She then said, "Remember that in small packages there is good wine!"
"Yeah, yeah, right ..."
"Why do you say that? It is true!"
 Almost he became angry. I did not answer.
 After a few minutes I began to feel hungry, I had not eaten for a while '. She had no problem
"Ah, you men who believe so strong then after two hours of walking in the woods have already hungry"
"What are you insinuating?" I asked
"What is not so true that you men are stronger than women, you've always treated as inferior, as slaves, but I think it can happen the other way,"
I did not understand.
"You, for example, you could be my slave, but you're tall you're skinny, I can superior beings all over"
I looked terrible.
 "And how do you prove it?" I asked.
"Struggling against you now,"
 and I said "Huh? What do you mean".
 I did not have time to talk to his foot ended up in my stomach. I leaned from the pain, so I took his head and placed it between her thighs and began pumping it almost in a vise. I could not free myself, I could not breathe and I could not speak. The limit of the grip of his legs fainting process and fell to the ground like a dead weight.
She took me by the hair and looked at me straight in the eye and began to slap me, then began to strangle me with one hand for a few seconds then let me go. I was kneeling breathless. I did not understand what was happening. Then she took a knee on the chin and fell again to the ground belly up. I could not get up, it was as if the ground beneath memes held back and caused me pain everywhere. She approached me satisfied, put his legs between my body, bent his back to me and said,
"Now do you understand why you could be my slave?"
 I groaned.
She put his foot on my chest with malice, and said "I did not feel well"
"Yeah ... Slave."
She took off the pressure of his foot on my chest and I tried to get up. I could stagger and then fall again at her feet, while she laughed heartily. "Now you are my slave and I will treat you as such."
 I did not even have the strength to answer.
She turned around to me and I kicked him in the ribs.
"AURGH!" and she laughed.
I breathed a much more stronger.
"AURGH, SHIT!" I turned from the pain.
 She then with his foot crushed me balls.
"AAAAAUUUURRRRGHH!" She was in excruciating pain, while she laughed and with his toe pressed harder and harder.
I leave the grip, and then pull me a kick in the balls again. I did not felt the most. Then she lay on my pour body and began to rub her pussy on my cock and I had an erection. Actually it was really cute and I could not control and my male instincts. He stood up and said,
"Ah then I turn up to our little slave his cock huh? Well then this will not happen again" and pressed his foot with an indescribable pressure on my cock.
"OH MY GOD!" She stopped after a minute. I was destroyed. With the delicate leg he had turned into a young lady. That delicate leg brought me close to the face and said,
"Kiss it, slave!"
I could not
"kiss him BE LESS!" and he crushed me with that foot on his face.
I kissed her foot, and then pass out from various pains.
I woke up and saw a helicopter come down to me and Sophie who is waving to be seen. Jean came down, Matt and Catherine and ran towards us. "We drank too much last night"
"Yeah," said Sophie.
 "Hey, but why he is in such a state? What happened?"
"Was begged by a wild boar, I managed to escape,"
I did not have the strength to tell the truth, also because I would have humiliated in front of my friends. I went to the hospital and stayed for ten days. Bitch I had three bruised ribs and almost made him lose the functionality of a testicle. Resigned, I found a message on the phone, was sophie :
"Hi, how are you? Remember: as long as you live, you are and will always be my slave. Kisses to your mistress. Sophie : * ".