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Started by brooksie, 15-Jan-16, 02:59 PM

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I received a suggestion this would be a good place to post some new stories. They are coming, but it's going to take a while. Apparently I don't write as quickly as I once did. In the meanwhile, I thought I'd post some selected stories. The full archive is once again on DtV but that is two or three dozen, mostly long-form stories and it's a lot for anyone to sift through. Some of these stories were fairly well-received, so I'm putting them up here while I work on new material. If you know my work and have any suggestions about which ones to post, I'm all ears:

Aerobics vs. Weights, Part 1
by brooksie 
An aerobics girl teaches an obnoxious bodybuilder a lesson about strength.

Julie was in fantastic shape. A pretty redhead with freckles and a small,
upturned nose, she was a natural athlete. She had excelled in gymnastics,
swimming, track & field and ice skating throughout high school and university.
She kept herself in top condition through running, swimming and aerobics
classes at her local gym. Recently she had become interested in gaining a
little more muscle and had started visiting the weight room. She was a
strong-willed, independent woman who liked to figure things out for herself,
but one of the men in the gym had been trying to take her under his wing,
offering unwanted advice on how to perform her exercises and what she needed
to do to put on muscle. His name was Mike and he obviously considered himself
a real he-man, often glancing over at her to see if she was admiring his manly

During one of his uninvited tutorials she excused herself, saying that her
aerobics class was about to start, to which he scoffed "better to stick with
real exercise like weight training." Typical, thought Julie. A lot of these
guys had no idea of the conditioning and endurance involved in a strenuous
aerobics session. All they thought about was how much weight they could lift,
as if that was the only measure of strength. As time went by, Mike slowly got
the message that Julie was not interested in his help or advice in the weight
room and had taken to making dispariging remarks about her "little aerobics
workouts". Normally Julie was not one to be bothered by other people's
ignorance, but for some reason she felt like showing this guy up. She'd love
to get him into an aerobics class but knew he'd never go for that.

One day, while flipping through a bodybuilding magazine, Julie came across the
classified ad section at the back. Her eye fell on an advertisment for a video
showing a woman with a larger man caught in an obviously inescapable wrestling
hold. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, one arm was twisted behind his
back and the other trapped in a half nelson. The photograph was shot from the
front, showing both the pained expression on the man's face and the proud,
triumphant look on the woman's. Julie found herself staring with utter
fascination. For the rest of the day she couldn't stop thinking about it and,
later that evening, she typed the words "mixed wrestling" into one of her
computers search engines. She was astonished by the number of matches found
and began exploring some of the sites, bookmarking her favourites. She had
done some wrestling in high school and remembered what a great aerobic
exercise it had been but it had never excited her much as a sport. However the
style of wrestling she was seeing on the internet was something different
altogether. There was no scoring system, often not even pins, with the outcome
determined only when one wrestler submitted to the other. Julie found the idea
of forcing another person to say "I give" strangely exciting and often found
herself imagining herself in the place of the victorious women she saw

Using the reasoning that it would be a fun way to get a good workout, she
managed to convince a couple a girls from her aerobics class to wrestle with
her. They got together at her apartment. At first everyone was shy and a
little hesitant but after a few drinks they began to loosen up and get into
it. She showed her two friends, Sarah and Meaghan, some of the sites that
featured women wrestling. They studied the holds and practiced on one another.
Although Julie was slightly smaller than the other two, she displayed a real
aptitude for it and, by the time they'd gotten together for the third time,
she was clearly winning most of the matches. She found herself becoming quite
thrilled and slightly turned on each time she forced a submission from one of
the others. She was also quickly discovering that she hated losing. If she was
caught in a hold she would resist for as long as possible, searching for a way
to free herself and gave in only with great reluctance. Most of the time it
was Sarah or Meaghan who submitted to her. Eventually Julie's confidence rose
to the point where she began challenging her boyfriend. He had a sizeable
height and weight advantage and always managed to pin her until she gave up,
but she noticed that the longer they wrestled, the more difficult it became
for him to subdue her. He would be panting an sweating while she still had
plenty of energy. Julie felt that if they were to wrestle long enough she
could eventually defeat him, but he always wanted to make love after a few
rounds, so she was never able to test her theory.

Meanwhile, her weight training was starting to pay some dividends. She saw a
noticeable change in her appearance, particularly in her arms and shoulders,
which had gotten slightly bigger. The only downside was having to put up with
Mike's snide remarks about her "wimpy aerobics workouts". Julie usually did
her abdominal work at home but one day, while her apartment was being painted
and she was staying at her boyfriend's, she decided to do it at the gym. Her
routine was grueling by any standards, starting with 100 crunches, 25
jackknives, 50 leg raises, 100 side crunches, weighted sit-ups to failure and
another 100 crunches to finish. Her chiseled abdomen would be the envy of any
bodybuilder. She was just finishing up when she noticed Mike flop down on one
of the mats and do three sets of 15 reps of poorly-executed sit-ups. By the end
of the third set he was huffing and puffing his way through the last few reps.
Julie was tempted to say something derogatory but decided to hold her tongue,
not wanting to sink to his level. Still, it gave her an idea of how she could
shut this meathead up. She went into the weight room and deliberately took a
place beside him, doing dumbbell curls with her usual 12 pounders. Mike looked
over and snickered, "Not getting much stronger, are you? That's what you get
for wasting all that time jumping around in those dumb classes." This was her
opportunity. "You know, you really don't know what you're talking about. These
sessions are tough and you have to be really strong to make it through a
one-hour class." Julie said defiantly. "Strong?" he laughed, "That doesn't
take strength. Strength comes from a real workout with weights, not some
stupid aerobics class." Julie looked at him with annoyance. "The trouble with
guys like you," she said, "is that you think strength only amounts to one
thing - how many pounds you can lift. There's different kinds of strength and
I bet I'd come out on top in any contest that didn't involve weights." Mike
looked shocked. "You want to compete with me?" he asked. "Why?" "Because", she
replied "I'm sick of your rudeness and your constant comments about my
workouts. You need to learn some manners. I could have complained to the
management here about you, but I'd prefer to handle it myself, if you're not
afraid to take me on, that is." Julie was playing him like a fish. "Look, if
you think you're going to get me to jump around like a pansy in one of those
classes, you can forget it." he told her. "No," smiled Julie, "nothing like
that. Besides, it wouldn't even be a contest. I doubt you'd last ten minutes.
What I was thinking of was a wrestling match, say best two out of three falls,
with a little bargain thrown in. If you win, I'll let you train me in lifting
weights, but if I win, you'll keep your mouth shut around me and quit making
comments about my workout routine. Sound fair?" "You've got to be kidding."
said Mike incredulously "You want to wrestle me? Look at us. You must be nuts,
all I'd have to do is throw you down and sit on you." Julie looked him up and
down. "Well..." she said, as if reconsidering her rash challenge "you are
a big guy. How much do you weigh?" "215 lbs" he answered proudly. "Well I'm
only 125, so you've got 90 lbs. on me and probably six or seven inches in
height, that's a pretty big advantage, wouldn't you say?" she asked. "Yeah, I
would." he said sarcastically. "Ok then, how about a handicap." she
proposed, "We'll go for 20 minutes on the treadmills and then you do the same
abdominal routine I do and we'll wrestle right after that. How's that sound?"
Mike looked at her with a dull expression, as if he was having trouble
following what when had just said. He didn't run much, but 20 minutes didn't
seem that long and it never occurred to him to ask about her ab routine. He
was looking for a catch but was having a hard time focusing his mind. All he
could think about was getting his hands on her body in a wrestling contest and
that she'd be training with him in the gym. He wasn't sure of what was going
on but his slow-witted brain concluded this must be some weird way of coming
on to him. "Ok sweetheart", he said, sticking his chest out "let's wrestle."
This was going to be fun, thought Julie. She was really looking forward to
putting this loud-mouthed goon in is place. She couldn't wait to see his face
when  forced him to give up and admit she was stronger. "So, how are we
going to do this?" Mike asked. "The aerobics room isn't being used for an hour
between 2:00 and 3:00 tomorrow." Julie

said. "I'll meet you here at 1:30. That should give us enough time for the
preliminaries, then we'll hit the mats, alright?" "See you tomorrow," he said,
with a big wink "and I promise I'll make it quick and painless." Oh it'll be
quick she chuckled to herself, but not painless. Julie's blood raced at the
thought of tomorrow. Her plan had worked perfectly. She knew, despite the huge
difference in weight and height, she'd exhaust him before they even began to
wrestle. After that, she was certain she could control him enough to get him
in a scissor hold. Her legs were very strong and she knew it would be more
than he could stand. Her skin tingled and she played out the scene of her
triumph over this galoot over and over in her mind.

Julie arrived the next day, clad in her sexiest workout suit, a pale green
spandex two piece that set off her red hair beautifully. Mike was already
waiting. His eyes open wide and his jaw dropped when he saw her. "Ready?" she
asked. They walked into the cardio room and found a couple of adjacent
treadmills. They set the timers for 20 minutes and hit the start buttons.
Julie could see right away that he didn't do much running. He had a lumbering,
inefficient gait and began to pant after only a few minutes. She decided to
start her psych-out by smiling at Mike and showing him how relaxed she was as
she maintained her fluid stride. With 10 minutes left she deliberately upped
her pace while he was beginning to slow down. He would no longer meet her gaze
and had his head down, struggling for breath. With 5 minutes to go she began
to run flat out. She looked strong and graceful, with only a light bead of
perspiration while Mike was bathed in sweat and was barely hanging on. As the
timer ran out, Julie hopped off and stretched her legs while Mike could only
hang on to the handrails, gasping. "Not much of a runner, I see", she said
mockingly. He was still breathing heavily and didn't answer. "Ready for some
ab work, Mr. he-man?" Julie poked him in the stomach and was delighted to see
him wince. This was going to be easy, she thought. Mike toweled himself off
and they went upstairs to the aerobics room where her friend Sarah was
waiting. "This is Sarah", Julie explained. "She's going to count reps and make
sure there's no cheating." He looked at the pretty brunette. He was starting
to breathe normally again and his head had cleared enough for his dullard's
brain started working. He wondered if Julie's friend was interested in him
too. Maybe this was going to be a threesome.


Aerobics vs Weights, Part 2

His thoughts were interrupted by
Julie saying "I'll start first. Ready Sarah?" Sarah nodded and Julie lay down
on her mat and started churning out crunches. Mike looked on in amazement as
the count reached 50, then 75 and finally 100. "There" said Julie, jumping up
with a grin on her face "your turn." He sat down on his mat and started
crunching. By 25, he began slowing down and barely made it to 50. The two
women goaded him to continue but he couldn't get past 72. He lay back, his
face wrinkled in pain. "I don't think we said anything about resting" Julie
chided him "Come on, keep going, 28 left." Wearily, he started up again but
collapsed after another few reps. They were relentless and prodded him on,
slowly counting out the last 10. Mike fell back on the mat. Julie smiled down
at him. "My, my, that was quite a struggle. You might have to forfeit this
contest before we even get to the wrestling match. You just lie there and try
to pull yourself together while I do my next set." He shot her a dirty look as
Sarah giggled at her friend's teasing. Julie quickly finished her 25 jackknives
and turned to Mike "Anytime you're ready." she said. He looked ridiculous
doing them. His balance was all wrong and he laboured mightily. Jackknives are
a tough exercise and he let his legs drop after 10 reps. "15 left, keep
going." Sarah called out. Mike groaned and did a few more before collapsing
again. Eventually, 2 or 3 at a time, he made it to 25." "Man, this is going to
take all day," complained Julie, keeping up her psychological battering. "I
think I better pick up my pace to leave more time for slowpoke here." She
snapped out a crisp 50 leg raises. With a pained look, Mike began his set,
barely lifting his legs. "I don't know if those even count as leg raises",
said Sarah. "We better take what we can get,"' Julie responded, "otherwise
we'll still be here when the next class starts." Mike finished his set with
great difficulty and rolled over onto his hands and knees, holding his
now-burning stomach. Meanwhile Julie continued her torment, standing in front
of him pounding furiously on her steel-hard abs. "I just love a good burn,
don't you Mike?" she asked sweetly. "Tell you what" she continued "I usually
do weighted sit-ups next but we can skip those, unless you want to run
downstairs and grab a couple of plates." He remained bent over on all fours.
"I'll take that as a no. Ok, time for some side crunches, 50 to each side.
These are easy, right Sarah?" The brunette laughed at her friend's
mischievousness. Julie quickly performed her set the stood beside Sarah,
waiting for Mike. Grimacing in pain with every movement, he made it onto his
back. Relieved to be working his obliques instead of his tortured abs, he did
his 100 reps without stopping although his pace was far slower than Julie's.
"There" he said, "I'm not used to that much ab work but I made it. Betcha
thought I was going to quit." "That's great Mike" said Julie "but we're not
done yet. I always finish with another 100 crunches." He stared at her,
disbelievingly. "No way!" he said angrily, "You're just trying to wear me
down. Just because you've got..." He didn't finish the sentence, realizing
what he was about to say. "Just because I've got stronger abs?" said Julie,
picking up his train of thought. "Is that what you were about to say?" Mike
looked sheepish. "I thought you might try to wimp out" she continued "so I
wrote it down. Show him, Sarah." Sarah pulled a piece of paper from her sweat
pants pocket and handed it to him. He read it: 100 crunches, 25 jackknives, 50
leg raises, weighted sit-ups to failure, 100 side crunches, 100 crunches. "And
we didn't even do the sit-ups, Julie reminded him. "Anyway, I'll let you
reconsider conceding the contest while I do my set." Her energy level soared
as she anticipated forcing this much larger, more muscular man to submit to
her. She finished crunching. "Are we going to do this or would you rather just
admit I'm stronger than you?" she badgered, her hands on her hips and chest
thrust out proudly. Julie saw the dread on his face as he began. By the time
the count reached 15 he was barely hanging on and at 25 he stopped. From that
point on, he could only manage a few at a time. Finally making it to 50, he
collapsed and lay on his back, barely able to breathe. "50 more." said Sarah.
"I can't." he wheezed. "Do you quit?" asked Sarah. Mike didn't speak but shook
his head. It took several more minutes and he was barely moving his shoulders
off the mat but he slowly and agonizingly made it to 100, moaning in pain with
every movement. Again he rolled onto his hands and knees, his head resting on
the mat, arms folded around his stomach. Julie smiled, realizing that even
laying flat on his back was too painful for him. She was going to take great
pleasure in the humiliation she was about to administer. "Ok," she said "let's
wrestle. Show me how easy it is to beat a little aerobics girl, Mr. Muscle
Man." She and Sarah grabbed a few more mats and put them together to make a
big enough area for wrestling. "Come on, Mike, ready to kick my butt?" she

"Wait." he answered feebly "I'm not ready yet." "Too bad. We agreed to run, do
abs and then wrestle." Julie reminded him "that's my handicap, to offset you
weight and height advantage and because you've got such big, strong muscles,
remember?" Mike looked up at her, his face miserable, finally realizing he'd
been outsmarted and she'd been setting him up the whole time. She was fresh
and energetic, bouncing up and down on her toes and punching her fist into her
open hand like a boxer getting ready for a fight. With tremendous difficulty,
he stood a slowly made his way to the mats, pain bolting through his stomach
with every step. He stepped onto the mat and Sarah called out
"Ready...wrestle." Mike extended his arms, hoping he could grab Julie and keep
her away from his tender tummy but she was not about to fall for that. She
kept moving, circling, looking for an opening. Mike was moving very slowly,
still breathing heavily. Julie faked a punch at his gut and he bent forward to
cover up. She moved straight in, stuck a leg between his and pushed hard on
his shoulders, sending him over on his backside. He groaned in pain as he
landed and clutched his stomach. Instinctively he rolled over onto his hands
and knees. Julie pounced immediately, lacing her arms around his neck in a
full nelson and wrapping her legs around his middle. She then rolled onto her
side, taking the big man with her. Her legs were her strongest and most
muscular body part and they cut into Mike's sides with such force that he
literally screamed. "Nooo, stop it, stop it, please!" "Do you give?" asked
Julie. No answer. She squeezed as hard as she could. "Ok, ok, you win." he
yelled. "Give?" she asked again. "Yes." he said weakly. "Then say it." she
demanded. "I give." he said, his voice a mere whisper. She gave him one last
shot with her legs and released him. Standing over Mike she sang out "Aerobics
girl leads, 1 - 0. Ready for the next fall, tough guy?" "Nooo, no." Mike
moaned. "You're not?" asked Julie with mock surprise. Does that mean you're
conceding the match?" "No (gasp), I just (gasp) need a (gasp) rest." he
pleaded. "We didn't say anything about resting but I guess we could take one
minute, if you really need it. Got your watch, Sarah?" Yeah, one minute," her friend replied. Julie used the minute to pose over Mike,
flexing her hard little biceps." "Time's up." said Sarah. "Get up," demanded
Julie. Mike rose unsteadily to his feet. This time Julie went straight for
him. He tried to fend her off but she easily avoided his clumsy attempts and
swiftly stepped behind him, grabbing him around the waist. Mike groaned again
as she twisted sideways and tripped him to the mat. She followed up by
dropping her knees onto his aching gut, causing him to cry out in pain. From
there it was simply a matter of  sitting on his stomach and bouncing her
hard, round ass a few times. All the fight was gone from the muscular
bodybuilder and she easily held his wrists on the mat, placing her knees on
his arms. Every move he made to try and throw her off caused great waves of
pain to shoot through his abdomen. He was pinned and helpless. "Give?" asked
Julie. This time there was no hesitation. "Yes, I give." he said, "you win,
please...get off me. His voice sounded strained and tortured. "I will, as soon
as you say I'm fitter and stronger than you and aerobics are superior to
lifting weights." Releasing his wrists, she reached back and put a hand on his
stomach, pressing down hard. Mike's response was immediate. "Ok, Ok. Aerobics
are superior. You're stronger." "And are you ever going to bother me or make
any more cracks about my workouts?" she asked him. "No, no never, I promise."
he answered. "Good. I think I've made my point." Julie said triumphantly. She
stood and put her foot on Mike's heaving chest as Sarah came over and gave her
a high-five. "Awesome, Julie." she said enthusiastically, "That was
incredible." Julie looked down at her beaten victim. "It was a piece of cake."
she laughed. Come on, let's go do a few weights before aerobics class starts.

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