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Maybe a dom sub-forum?

Started by vhailor, 19-Jan-16, 06:17 AM

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Does anyone else feel the site needs ,desperately, a domination sub-forum? It has become very common lately to see posted videos that are straight domination; not one wrestling hold applied in the entire video, with the exception of facesitting, if we count this as a hold. The site feels more and more like domqueens than squeezequeens. It is rather frustrating to see all the different themes mixed up, even in the same topic and I hope this will be resolved soon with the creation of new area that will help keep the content separate. The following link is one of the best examples of a video that has no place in the wrestling section.


I'd be ok with creating a new sub-forum for this type of content.  To be honest, I am more interested in femdom facesitting than the straight up wrestling anyway (not to say I don't enjoy both...a tight headscissors is very sexy too).  It might be a good idea to group the femdom together so it is easier to find and not mixed in with other topics.
I'm just worried that it will go too far.  I for one am not very fond of the "harder" femdom (i.e. stepping on or crushing genitals) videos that are out there.  But I suppose those could be kept in applicable topics so people not wishing to see it wouldn't have to.
Another question would be if this was allowed to happen, would we also have to add HQ sections too?  My guess is we would run into the same sort of problems that prompted the creation of the current HQ sections.  Not sure the admins here will be in favor of this, but I would hope they will at least give it some thought.


Quote from: vhailor on 19-Jan-16, 06:17 AM
Does anyone else feel the site needs ,desperately, a domination sub-forum?

I agree with your overall assessment, in principle.

However, when we started this forum, the "Boss" was keen to stay on-topic in regards to the wrestling/fighting genre and not let the board degenerate into general "Femdom". During the last revamp, facesitting sub-boards were removed, presumably to discourage too much variance from the primary goal. Unfortunately, many producers are diversifying (presumably to meet current market demands) and as a result, today's clips can feature multi-fetishes, which are not to everyone's tastes. JAV videos are a prime example, where wrestling, foot-fetish, facesitting, ass-worship, BBW and even scat, can combine in turning an hour-long video into a "jack of all trades, master of non".

I don't think reinstating sub-boards is the answer, because that may just open the flood-gates. I'd rather hope members try to keep on-topic as much as possible. I'm as guilty as anybody in the past, as I do like F/F facesitting (whilst hating anything to do with nasty, sweaty, un-sexy feet). ;D
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Non-solution to a non-problem, really. Most of the domination stuff is limited to a few clearly labelled threads and, tbh, most content here is wrestling. As said above, we don't need to encourage this.

Also, moving this thread to the correct subforum :Pol:


Quote from: Stewie_Griffin on 19-Jan-16, 02:50 PM
(whilst hating anything to do with nasty, sweaty, un-sexy feet). ;D

You have no taste my friend :P

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