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Started by amazonannie, 24-Jan-16, 04:23 PM

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Hey There!

Had a fun time with Cheyenne Girl shooting at a pro ring. Here are some neats pics of us! xo- annie



Me and Sherry Stunns! xox ! -annie


Thanks so much Annie for sharing your work, you and Sherry are Stunning, do you do any Victory Poses....foot on belly or chest? Have a Great Day


Hey Everybody!

Just wanted to share some fun photos from Crazy Azy and I's 5th Annual Jello Wrestling!

It's a party we have for our friends and neighbors, to listen to music, drink some beer and let people duke it out in the Jello. Some years it's easy to get people to sign up, others not as easy.

I had 2 matches. I squished and squashed as I do. It was fun! Enjoy these pics!

More are at my blog: https://amazonanniethewrestler.wordp...llo-wrestling/


Shiny, Shiny, legs in hose!!

Previously Released: Minxy Li & Amazon Annie: Pantyhose PinsMinxy Li & Amazon Annie: Pantyhose Pins

   Looking thru the archives, I captured some fun stills from a shoot w Minxy Li about 3 years back. Love the composition of these. These shiny pantyhose with the simple leotard are classic! Wanted to share with y'all!

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