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Author Topic: Date Fight  (Read 9453 times)

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Date Fight
« on: 30-Jan-16, 07:02 AM »
This is a true story that happened when I was dating a woman about 35 years ago.  I was 27 and she was 30. Her name was Eve. We had been going out for about two months and the sex was pretty good. She liked it rough, with me forcibly holding her down in various positions.

Having grown up thinking that men were the stronger sex I never thought the situation could be any different.  And since I was about five inches taller and 60 pounds heavier than Eve  I was always careful to make sure I did not apply to much force or tumble out of bed or hit against furniture if we were rolling around on the floor.

Then one night Eve surprised me. As we were watching TV on the couch she jumped up and grabbed me in a headlock. She threw herself to the floor while holding my head causing me to tumble down and end up beneath her.

I shouted "what the hell are you doing." She answered "Let's fight," as she kept up the pressure on my neck.  I could feel my face turning red. I was surprised by the strength in her arms wrapped around me.  I was startled -- realizing she had me pretty good and I didn't think I could get free.

"What do you mean fight," I asked, still in a vulnerable position and hoping my question would indicate that I had yet to begun to fight.

"You know, fight. Wrestle, punch, fight," she said while keeping her headlock hold real tight.

"I'd kill you," I said, even though at the moment I still hadn't figured how to get out of the headlock without really hitting Eve and doing some physical damage.  And then I realized, that I had never been in a real fight with anyone, other than play wrestling with friends when we were boys.

"I don't think so," she said. "I have you pretty good right now and I don't think you can get free."
"Okay," I said. "Are there any rules and how do we know who wins."

Eve said "since you are bigger than me I get to initiate any attack. If I hit you in the stomach or face, then you can hit me in the stomach or face. If I kick you or put any hold on you -- you can also kick me or use that hold. Other than that it's just sheer strength to get the other person to give up."

"How do we know who wins?" I asked again, still trying to loosen her hold and get feeling back in my neck. 

"We'll know the winner - when the other person is stripped naked or submits," she answered.

I quickly agreed because I couldn't believe she would be able to get my pants and underwear off without me allowing it. And I also couldn't conceive of her being strong enough to make me submit. 

Eve was wearing short shorts and a tee-shirt - and I always had the fantasy of ripping off her clothes and raping her.

Now that I knew I was in a real battle - I began to get off the floor.  I was able to lift Eve and her 125 pounds and toss her to the couch. However she kept her hold on the headlock, forcing me to fly to the couch with her.

"You're not getting out of this," she taunted and she used her free hand to punch me in the side and the stomach. 

I felt the sting of her fists and couldn't believe that she could inflict such pain.  I realized I can now punch her too. I began hitting her side and back - hoping it would get her to loosen her headlock grip.

It worked. She let go, but she quickly got her legs around my neck in a tight scissors. This was serious as I felt the blood stop flowing to my brain and I felt like I was going to pass out. If I was unconscious Eve would be able to strip me naked. I couldn't believe I was losing this fight with my girlfriend.

I stood up, with her legs still wrapped around my neck and I began to pepper her stomach with punches. At first I didn't want to hit her too hard - but when her abs absorbed the first three blows I said "No more fooling around" and I unleashed a one-two combination that made her "Whoof" and let go.

"You're going to pay for that you bastard," she snarled.
"Let's call this off Eve before I hurt you," I pleaded.

"This isn't over. We'll see who is going to get hurt. I'm going to kick your ass," she said in a confident tone that sounded like she really believed she could beat me up.

She jumped up from the couch and punched me in the face. It was the first time in my life I ever got hit in the face and it hurt.  I got angry and shouted "You're dead."

"Bring it tough guy," she shouted back. We were now facing each other with balled up fists in the living room ready for a knock down, drag out battle.  I was still woozy from the first few minutes of the fight. But I couldn't believe this sexy woman in cut off shorts and a tee-shirt actually thought she could take me.

Eve attacked with kicks and punches that I was able to block. I still didn't want to go full force and hurt her.  I kept thinking the police would never believe she started this -- and I could just imagine myself being hauled off to jail.

As my thoughts distracted me, Eve caught me with a swift kick to the nuts. I doubled over and then felt her come down on the back of my neck with a double hammer punch that knocked me to my knees.

"I'm getting my ass kicked by my girlfriend," I thought to myself. I better realize she's not kidding around and fight back.

"You're down again," she cooed in a tone that sounded like she could do it any time she wanted. She then kicked me in the stomach rolling me over on my back.  I was woozy and she did a sit-down bomb on my stomach.  All the air went out of me.  Eve began to work on my belt and pants button.

"Oh no you don't," I shouted, and I rolled over throwing her off of me. I again stood up facing her - still not sure if I should hit her. Eve gave me the answer with a swift kick to my thigh that made my leg crumple.  She had me down again.  This time she jumped on my chest and began raining punches toward my face.

"Do you give. Do you give," she yelled as her punches got through my flailing arms and began taking a toll on my features.

She then grabbed my head in a smothering move against her breasts and whispered "My fantasy is to knock you out and rape you."

She let go of my head and returned to her punches.  I felt a warm trickle of blood from lips and nose. I felt my nose may be broken because I was having trouble breathing..

"I going to knock you out and make you cum," she again whispered. 

With every last ounce of male ego, I was able to grab her arms and push her off me. I was now on top, for the first time in this fight in a school boy pin.  I began slapping her face asking "Do you give."

"You don't have me yet," she sneered. She then launched a punch straight up that caught me in the face. I toppled off of her. While I lay on the rug, Eve grabbed my crotch. Her fingers dug into my pants and gripped my balls.  I screamed in pain as she was lying next to me - with her face smiling next to mine. 

She knew she had me. She was inflicting a lot of pain and only my male pride prevented me from screaming out "I give."   

I was determined not to lose to a woman. Everything I heard while growing up was that men were stronger -- women were the weaker sex. And her I was in a fight with my girlfriend who was 60 pounds lighter than me and I was about ready to give.

Eve must have realized I was close to submitting as she now straddled me with her hand firmly grabbing my balls.  A few minutes ago I had the strength to throw her off me when she sat on my chest. Now the fight had sapped much of my strength and I couldn't budge her.

I tried punching her stomach but her muscles took the blows - which were becoming more and more feeble. My eyes were watering from the pain, and Eve again told me to give in.

She said "If you hit me I'll increase the pressure, now say "Uncle."

The words would not come to my lips. In my writhing my hand slipped up her thigh and into her cutoff shorts.  I was able to work my fingers inside her panties.   The thought hit me. Two can play at this game.

I thrust my hand into her shorts and panties feeling her pussy lips.  My fingers then worked their way up and in and I was able to pinch her clit.

Eve let out a scream "You bastard."
"You grab me, I grab you. Those are the rules," I reminded her.  I felt her inside getting very moist and her hips began bucking against my fingers. 

I couldn't tell if I was inflicting pain or pleasure. I knew Eve liked it rough -- but this was the first time I ever pinched her clit.  She began moaning and to my surprise she let go of my balls.

I knew I had her. I was able to roll her off me. She continued to writhe and wiggle with my hand inside her shorts and panties. It was getting very wet down there.  I was able to pull down her shorts.

I took off my pants and underwear - all the while keeping hold of Eve's crotch. When I was naked I ripped off Eve's panties. She was out of breath and bucking her hips involuntarily against my had mumbling "No No don't."

"You lost," I said as I rolled her over on her stomach.  She was able to gasp that I was naked first, which meant she won.  I said "You don't seem to be in any position to make a victory pose."

I had her arms folded underneath her while she was on her stomach so she was pinned and helpless.  I then screwed her from behind.

Afterwards, I collapsed on top of her and we laid there for about 30 minutes regaining our strength.  I don't care either of us cared who won.

We dressed and went to a diner for a bite to eat. People there were staring at us. We had cuts an bruises on faces and arms. We both looked like we were in a fight - which we were - but the make up sex was great.