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Anyone know of sites with REAL female knockouts?

Started by rhvabeach88, 19-Mar-16, 12:07 AM

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Hello, as some of you may know from the FvF video forum, I'm a big fan of real, legitimate knockouts in female wrestling (particularly chokeouts).  Unfortunatly, it's a struggle to find videos with real fvf chokeouts.  There are a TON of MvF chokeouts, but FvF seems to be very rare.  Maybe some of you can help me out.  Do any of you know of any sites/stores with videos that include real chokeouts in FvF?  Or even specific videos?  I would tremendously appreciate it!


I'd also love to find websites with real knockouts.

Anyway, if you enjoy judo fights ending with choke outs, check out this channel:

Watch the videos that specifically say "choke out" in the title and you'll see a fight that ends in a knockout. :)

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