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Started by riks8570, 30-Mar-16, 11:51 AM

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Hi All,

i wanted to post some vintage pics that I think are fantastic.  The attached pics are from a vintage clips 4 sales site. I hope you enjoy.


I have seen this SV video on this site before.  In the old days SV used to post pics of the girls posing along with the action scissor shots, but they stopped doing it.  I wish they would bring it back.  Here are some pics of the Holly scissorgram service you might not have seen as the video only has the action.


Some more of Holly.


I well remember some of these, back in the times around late 90's and 2000 I used to search across the internet even for the smallest picture and treat each one as like finding a goldmine! Nowadays I'm hardly bothering with photos anymore and collecting HD videos instead! But there is a use for these sexy pictures still - when you first get in contact with a girl, whether a session wrestler or just an escort off adultwork, you can send some of these images to demonstrate the holds you want to be put in - a picture speaking a thousand words as they say.  8)


Phenominal pictures Riks. These Ladies are Gorgeous and I have always loved being in a hold like this. Being at the Lady's mercy is such a turn on and being squeezed and you are helpless. Thanks so much and have a GREAT DAY

Face sitting sub guy

Hanz Vanderkill vs Milah Romanov in a scissor hold battle!!! I love this clip. :hrtrd: :hrtrd: :hrtrd:

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