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Thread to learn/practice how to make a proper post

Started by douevenlift, 03-Feb-16, 08:41 PM

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Hey SQ,

I noticed quite a number of people who are new to the forum having trouble making posts according to the rules and as a result eventually lead to getting banned or discouraged from making any more posts altogether when they keep trying to no avail or getting criticized as it can become frustrating to both the poster and to everyone else.

I have an idea to create a thread designated specifically for new members to practice and learn how to post before they can go off and create their own threads in the more "official" sections of the forum to avoid getting their posts deleted/trashed, and once they are approved of making a post using the allowed filehosts with proper thumbnails attached, they can go off in the real sections of the forum to create their own thread.

Let me know your thoughts!


Hmm....I thought someone more senior or a moderator would have replied by now.
I'll throw in my thoughts as it's a nice idea but I don't know if it would work for the following reasons:

1. Could be time prohibited. Most mods are busy with regular forum business let alone finding time to police another thread that they may have constantly go back to check, & delete incorrect posts. I don't think this thread would cut down on that.

2. Unfortunately history has dictated that it would probably be a small percentage of new members or new posters that would use it.(Just look at the amount  & frequency of people both brand new & that have been members for awhile that ask for stuff without contributing first)

I could ramble on but those two pop out at me not to mention I'm sure there's other reason that could be listed.

But on your idea I might suggest the following to help out but I don't know if it would work or not either:
Even though it's pretty easy to find in the forum maybe someone could adjust the rules page to have links for the tutorials that members such as Stewie have spent time breaking down how to post, create thumbnail etc.
Also having  the prohibited producers & approved file hosts links listed there as well so they wouldn't post incorrectly.

I know not only is it already easy to find  but in some cases it right under forum rules. But when people are being corrected for incorrect postings to read the forum rules especially when hyperlinking to it takes them to forum rules they probably don't look any further. Also just would have direct people to one page regardless of what they were being corrected on.

But I have a feeling even this suggestion is probably not going to help as people weren't following the rules long before I became a member & will continue long after I have posted this response.


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