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Author Topic: Amethyst Hammerfist, Anna Konda and Red Devil Fightaction NEW  (Read 685 times)

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hi guys, i made a fight Event 2 weeks ago with Amethyst Hammerfist from London. She is a real Dynamo! Book Sessions with her if you enjoy fights with a strong sexy legscissor babe. she always use her legs. snake style! haha. me not in my fight with her. my smothers and finaly my bearhug was too much for her but no shame. i am a with muscles armoured tank, double weight of her, 2 times wide like her and she was brave enough to fight me! the fight with red devil was a even match of impressive Speed and agility of both. devil is getting more muscular. she always try to knock me out somehow and she Comes closer. you see this in the last fight of the Event between me and her. watch it all in my store -dont wait till someone post a link here to a filesharing host to download for free. i hope i dont must see such a try here again soon. my next visitor will be kristie etzold in june! we will do a fight on the mats but also oilwrestling. it will be my first oilwrestling ever. i think kristie is more experienced in this so she will have a Chance maybe. in the fight on the mat i think not! haha -anyway, only those of you who order fightclips are the real supporters. those of you who upload it on filesharing sites to share it for free with everyone are the oposite of a supporter. they destroy this what we female wrestlers do and what you all actually like to see! enjoy the best fighting Action, mixed and female vs female -made in Berlin! made in my Studio! also new crushing mixed Wrestling with me online!