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tyler dare

Started by ranger40, 28-Apr-16, 03:45 PM

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I once wrestled Tyler dare. She was even hotter than her pics. Her scissors destroyed me. Her facesitting is great. She could have ko me with her scissors. I tapped whenever she decided. Verbal humiliation also good. She moved away but hopefully I can see her again. I will answer any questions


Was it a competitive wrestling session?


No. It was just a scissor and facesitting session. I'm a big guy. I think however she would have been very competitive. Very for anyone 180lbs and under. Her stamina would have probably got me too. Her scissors are very strong for a person her size. Made me panic every time she wanted too.


I have sessioned with Tyler as well twice.   I was put her out by her as well. Once by her arms and once her legs. Tyler did a unreal job of building it up. She fabulous!

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