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Author Topic: Allie - based on a true-ish story  (Read 9499 times)

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Allie - based on a true-ish story
« on: 12-May-16, 04:49 PM »
So this is my first ever stab at a story. Its only the opening few parts, just looking for feedback on style or content, positive or not.
The flashback scenes are rooted in real experiences with an ex-girlfriend from high school days. The rest of the story built around it is a combo of hopes, dreams and imagination (lol).
Not currently blessed like some with a girlfriend or wife who dominates me with her scissors, so would appreciate especially any thoughts from guys who remember wondering if they would ever have that situation.

Cheers in advance!

Dan’s world was closing in on him. His vision was getting smaller and smaller, darkening and shifting in and out of focus. He couldn’t feel much below his neck at this point. He definitely couldn’t hear anything, except his blood pounding in his ears. The only sound he could make was a horrible gurgle-moan, and even that was getting hard.

Dan could only imagine what his face must look like right now. His lips would be inverted, squeezed so tightly together that the corners were touching, puckered up like some unnatural fish. His cheeks were being pushed inwards, with all the skin on his face bunching towards the middle. His eyes felt like small holes, and could no longer hold the tears spilling out of them.

Dan was beyond panic at this point, beyond humiliation or embarrassment or any of those silly little concerns. In brighter moods he would have put this down to a comforting sense of familiarity. Not this time though. The throbbingly ridiculous pain had given way to a spreading numbing, as if Dan’s body was slowly accepting its current predicament, and settling in for the long haul.

It was all Dan could do to focus on getting as much air as he could through his shrinking mouth. Despite this, he felt his mind wandering back to certain random memories. Funny how one remembers the beginning at the end…

Dan and Allie had been dating for a couple of weeks when the conversation came up. The two of them had been chilling on the couch at Allie’s flat after a film, a beer each and bubbly banter in full flow. The chat got on to sports - the things they had done as kids, and more recently what they competed in at high school. Dan was fairly happy with his sporting prowess: in soccer he was the leading scorer in his last year, and he complimented this with track and field, golf and basketball on the side. He was athletically built, wiry and quick, with a great body-to-weight strength and surprising power. Of average height, he didn’t spend much time lifting heavy, as it didn’t suit what he competed in. Indeed, Allie had mentioned several times how she admired his muscular build: “I’m just glad you aren’t some puffed-up meathead” she had giggled.

Dan then asked: “You must have dabbled in quite a few things yourself? I just can’t seem to put my finger on what!”

Dan fully expected to hear gymnastics, dancing or soccer - fairly classic sports for a girl to be involved in where they were from. She wasn’t tall, in fact quite petite in height especially compared to Dan. Dirty blonde hair cut short above her shoulders, with big blue sparkling eyes to match. A bright wide smile, perfect teeth and lips matched rosy red cheeks. Delicate hands she would wave around in a very dainty fashion when she was talking. What had caught Dan’s, and most people’s, attention first was that Allie sported the most gorgeous set of breasts; so huge and so, so round, with an absolute blackhole of cleavage, they were the ultimate in femininity. Not weird or out of proportion at all, but mesmerizingly perfect and natural. Allie’s breasts unfairly drew attention away from the rest of her figure - small waist into beautiful round hips, a big tight booty, and her legs. Ahhh, her legs.They were quite short, with smooth, hard balls of calves leading into petite, delectable feet. The crown jewels of it all were her thighs, which were every bit the eye-catching equal of her breasts. Smooth, soft, and oh-so-feminine - no obvious musculature, but they exuded a power that Dan found perked an unknown interest. They wobbled firmly as Allie slapped a hand on them.

“To be honest, I barely broke a sweat sports-wise in high school, too busy in theatre and things like that. Do you really think these look like they’ve been running around all these years?” she asked, indicating the thigh her hand was resting on.

“Well, yeah” replied Dan. “I would’ve thought dance or something like that…?”

“You’re sweet, but sorry to disappoint you babe” she smiled. “I was just born this way I spose, don’t even think about it really...yes, I know, I’m a lucky girl and should be grateful!”

“No complaints here” Dan smiled back, though he certainly was intrigued…

Dan was wrenched back to the present by a cool rush of fresh air suddenly assaulting his numbed senses. He gulped with desperation, but as soon as the gift had been given, the pressure returned almost immediately to the point it had been before. Dan was no longer relaxed, and he began to fight against the numbing sensation that was quickly returning to his face and body. He struggled weakly but could barely muster the effort. Dan pawed against the smooth and subtly hard prison that was encasing his entire head. It was so hard and yet the softest feeling ever as his prison pushed his face even further out of shape and seemed to mould over his face. His vision had cleared momentarily with the fresh air, even as his line of sight narrowed. Dan could make out two tanned knees touching in front of him within reach, and beyond that a pair of delectable feet, with dark red toes, crossed one over the other. Dan’s struggles subsided as he again focused on trying to maintain something resembling breathing…

“I bet you’re super tired now!”

“Not even a little bit, you’re light as a feather”


“No I meant it!” Dan grunted, as he tried to shift Allie’s weight to a more comfortable position. “Easy as”

“Ok Lancelot, you’ve proven your worth now, let me down” Allie giggled, sliding down off Dan’s back as they reached the door to her flat at the top of stairs. “You’re a honey, thank you for the piggy-back” she said, as she stretched up for a kiss on the cheek. “You’re not sore or anything?”

“Not to be a drama queen, but the old neck is a bit stiff after you hanging off it”

“Aw my poor drama queen, does it need a rub?”

“More like a crack I reckon” said Dan.

“I can do both for you” said Allie with a smile and wink. “Come in and sit down in front of the couch, you should enjoy this either way..”

Allie grabbed his hand and led him over to the couch. Dan was feeling a little wobbly after the ride up the stairs - Allie was no feather, or maybe he just needed to get into the gym more.

Allie gracefully perched herself on the edge of the couch, her gorgeous breasts jiggling in her tight top with every movement. She then opened her legs and clicked at the floor in front of her, and Dan plonked himself down with a sigh.

“Come on, anyone would think you’d carried me up the stairs or something” Allie grinned, as she started to rub Dan’s neck and shoulders with her hands.

“I’m not the athlete I once was” Dan announced grandly, with more than a hint of sarcasm. “In my youth, I would have charged up those stairs three times no problem.”

“HA as if!” exclaimed Allie, still kneading away on Dan’s neck. “You were always more about speed than stamina anyway.” Dan was still proud of his sporting achievements, and enjoyed a chance to brag about them.

“At least I have some glory days to be tragic about” he said cheekily, with a half turn of his head towards Allie. “How long since these girls got out for a run?” Dan patted Allie’s thighs affectionately as she laughed and pushed down hard into his shoulders. “You be nice young man, these girls are the real masseurs around here, my hands are just a warmup.”

Dan laughed along with her, and then felt her hands leave his shoulders. They were replaced with a much heavier weight resting either side of his neck, and resting softly against his ears and the side of his head.
“I don’t understand..” Dan said, as he began stroking Allie’s tanned, toned legs that now dangled over his shoulders. “How are these going to help with my neck which you almost broke, unless you had something like a happy ending in mind..?”

“Maybe later babe, but I just want to try this first. Don’t moan and groan, you’re between my legs aren’t you? Should be well grateful” Allie leant over as Dan leaned his head back and met her eyes. Her big blues were shining innocently, and she seemed genuine about what was to come next. “OK, you know what’s best for me dear” replied Dan good-naturedly, not entirely sure what was going on but with a hint of excitement about finding out.

Allie leant back and slowly straightened her legs up and out until her dainty little feet were in line with Dan’s eyes. She did have amazing feet, thought Dan, his mind a little preoccupied. Then Allie began to cross one foot over the other, and Dan felt his ears being blocked off as the firmness of Allie’s thighs began to mould around his lower head and neck. It felt very comforting, the pressure was just enough to feel like a nice hug, and Dan found his hands feeling their way up and down her thighs. It was a most tender embrace, and Dan was beginning to enjoy himself. However he soon felt a particular pressure on his neck, and his head was pushed upwards as Allie’s inner thigh muscles constricted around this specific spot. He could feel his neck cartilage moving and popping like sweet music, as Allie deliberately pulsed her thighs to elongate and shorten Dan’s neck. As she increased the pressure slightly, Dan felt his airway begin to seal off, and the corners of his eyes began to water. His breath became laboured, and the enjoyment of a moment earlier gave way to the beginning of minor panic. He could barely breath. Dan curled his hands around the tops of Allie’s thighs and tugged with a little less casualness than he wanted. Allie’s face reappeared above him, and he saw her mouth move.

“I can’t hear you!” Dan felt himself say. “Please let up a bit”.

“I said: how is your neck feeling down there? Did I get the right spot?”
“Yeah, yeah, definitely...the right...yeah...the right spot...sure…” Dan mumbled, as he rubbed some feeling into his neck again.

“You’re all red hon, are you OK? I didn’t squeeze too hard did I? You just seemed to be enjoying it so I thought you might want a bit more pressure?” Allie looked a tad concerned, but showed no signs of exertion whatsoever.

“It was amazing babe” stuttered Dan, his gaze falling down to Allie’s thighs. “Thank you so much, where did you learn that? It wouldn’t have crossed my mind in 1000 years!”

“Well, it’s a long story! So the other day I was with….” Allie’s voice faded into the background, as Dan’s eyes didn’t leave his new masseurs.

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Allie - based on a true-ish story
« Reply #1 on: 14-May-16, 10:09 AM »
This is an awesome start.  You are obviously a gifted writer, hope you continue.  I wish there were more good stories posted here.