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Finding a Florida Female Wrestler

Started by mikebelemy, 20-May-16, 06:06 PM

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Hey, guys.  My name is Mike and this is my first post.
I live in an area of Florida where there are simply no women wrestlers around for sessions.  All of them are in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, etc.  Soon, I am simply going to try and session with someone and make a trip.  However, $300.00 is nothing to sneeze at plus travel expenses, hotel, etc.  Please give me some advice, hopefully from personal experience, who the BEST Florida-based women are and maybe some details on what the session was like.  Thanks!


I can't vouch for any of the ladies in Florida but I will say if you find a good one you will absolutely get the experience of a lifetime. All the stories and pictures and videos just prepare you (or compare!) to what it's like to experience the real thing. Best of luck in your search and let us know how it goes.


I would personally recommend Summerday/Summer Monroe. Her body is phenomenal and no matter what you are into she is perfect for the job. If you're looking for scissors, her legs are rock solid or if you're a foot guy as well, she has perfect feet always pedicured and looking pretty. I can't praise her enough and I can't wait to session with her again!


Why don't you reach out to several of the producers in FL and ask to participate in a video. :-) :Pol:

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