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Miesha Tate Vs. Amanda Nunes

Started by jiminy, 02-Jul-16, 09:53 AM

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Who Will Win

Tate by decision
Tate by KO / TKO
Tate by submission
Nunes by decision
Nunes by KO / TKO
Nunes by submission


Predictions please.

Personally I see Mandy stopping Miesha early. Well timed punch and follow up flurry.

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Fresh P

I'm still undecided.

Nunes has the tools to stop Miesha early but if she doesn't and if it goes the distance Miesha takes over due to Nunes' poor cardio.
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Agreed, Fresh P. Miesha can definitely win this fight. IMO her game plan needs to be clinch up early to avoid Nunes's striking and drain the bigger Brazilian's energy which has shown in the past to be limited. If the fight is still going after the 2nd round, I believe Miesha will win. But I've just got a feeling Nunes will finish Miesha early.


Yeah, it all depends if Miesha can survive any early onslaught by Nunes. It's funny how last year people were so outraged that Miesha was tentatively made Ronda's next fight, saying Nunes was more deserving by far. Now, even though Amanda won her last fight, the youtube "experts" decided that Miesha is running from Holly, and Nunes will be an easy victory...go figure...::)

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