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Started by c4s, 25-May-16, 09:33 AM

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Mixed Nude Match - Leya v Bambino

Leya takes on Bambino fully ready to win this match, while Bambino comes into it playful, assuming he will win. Immediately, Leya gets him in a scissor hold around his neck. Bambino is barely trying until Leya eggs him on asking for competition. Bambino finally flips her over and the match really takes off. They both start to give it their all, holding each other in locking positions. Leya dives onto Bambino a few times and locks either her legs or arms around his neck, taking him down. Bambino was not prepared for the strength Leya is putting into this fight. Bambino gets the upper hand a few times, tickling and taunting Leya, but his cocky attitude leaves him laying on the floor when Leya chokes him out to victory!


Mixed Nude Match - Dillion Vs. TK

Dillion and TK are both very fit and strong. The key difference in this match is that Dillion has the support of her teammates, Layna and Molly, who cheer on from the sidelines. But will that be enough to get Dillion the win?


Mixed Nude Match - Nina Dolci V BT Competitive

In this 3 Round Wrestling match, Nina Dolci takes on BT. With her muscular biceps and hard body, she manages to overpower BT over and over again. Each round is as intense and thrilling as the last. Nina's confidently scissorholds and chokes BT until he loses his strength and energy. He gets the upper hand at one point though, but Nina isn't willing to back down. In the last round, Nina chokes out BT until he is knocked unconscious! She lifts his arm and drops it to show off just how easily she took him out!



Mixed Nude Match - Layna Vs. John Anthony

Layna is tall with long legs, and she trains everyday. John Anthony has been prepping for the match, too, but he is confident that he can take on this innocent looking babe. Molly and Dillion are confident in their teammate and cheer her on from the sides.


Mixed Nude Match - Molly Jane Vs. John Anthony

Molly has very long limbs, giving her a significant reach advantage over John Anthony. John Anthony's strength, on the other hand, is in his core. This lively match between two very determined competitors also features Molly's teammates, Dillion and Layna, cheering her on from the sides.


Mixed Nude Match - Chichi Vs. BT

Chichi is toned and tough, but BT's got the bulk. Chichi takes on the infamous masked menace of the ring as her teammates, Dillion, Layna, and Molly, cheer her on.


Mixed Nude Match - Sasha Sean Vs. John Anthony

Sasha is confident that she can submit John Anthony. But he tells her that he's going to be nice and just try not to hurt her, seriously doubting Sasha's strength and skill. Will his doubt be validated. or will he be brutally defeated by this fiery MILF?


Mixed Nude Match - Dillion Vs. BT

Dillion has very powerful thighs, but BT has super strong arms! The two are closely matched, but Dillion's teammates, Chi Chi, Layna, and Molly, are certain that their teammate is destined for victory...


Mixed Nude Match - Eva vs. BT

BT enters the match with smooth confidence, taunting feisty opponent Eva. But sexy and strong Eva isn't going to lay down and accept defeat. She knows she has speed and spirit on BT, and she's just dyyyying to crush the cocky competitor between her legs...


Mixed Nude Match - Charley vs Damon

Charley is badass, and she knows it. It may be her first time on the mat, but it's the last time Damon will ever doubt her strength. Teammates Ava, Mila, and Jenna cheer on their fiery friend from the sidelines.


Mixed Nude Match - Kleio vs BT

BT is certain he can beat Kleio since he's so much bigger than her. But as Kleio says, "More compact, more power!" The two are matched in cockiness, but that's not enough to win a match. Hungry for victory, which competitor is all talk and who is truly the most powerful person on the mat? Zoe cheers Kleio on from the sidelines.


Competitive Mixed Nude Match - Melissa vs. BT

Melissa takes on BT in a spectacular battle that leaves BT literally floored. Innocent looking Melissa doesn't hold back, crushing the smack-talking opponent between her strong thighs again and again. Melissa is so strong and agile that BT can barely pin her down. He finds himself shocked and seeking assistance when Melissa's mighty arms push the masked menace across the room! It isn't long after that BT comes to terms with his humiliating defeat. Our beautiful champion shows off her biceps as the loser lay helpless beneath her.


Nude Domination Match - Alix v Rion

Cocky newbie Rion starts trying to look tougher, but Alix is having none of that. She puts him in his place: getting crushed between her powerful thighs and pinned down with her muscular arms. Again and again and again, Alix proves that she's the stronger fighter by far, leaving her opponent humiliated.


Mixed Nude Match - Jenna Jay Vs. TK

Jenna and TK are both very spirited wrestlers. As soon as TK had the guts to challenge Jenna to a mixed wrestling match, she jumped on the opportunity to show off her skills and make him eat his words. With Charley and Ava cheering her on, Jenna shows off her powerful thighs by nearly crushing TK's head with them!

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