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Author Topic: Jewell Marceau, Celeste Star & Lyra Louvel Part 2  (Read 1321 times)

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The first episode of this match had some of the best sex catfighting ever, so many wild holds and devastating punches that it actually caused a real fight on the set but we are trying to forget about that. The two on one fighting was amazing in that one but after all that destruction we were a bit concerned about the sex, our fears were soon allayed because while the fighting may have been some of the best ever in the first one the sex is some of the best ever in this one. Yes, Celeste Star, Jewell Marceau and Lyra Louvel are truly amazing in this one, form the very beginning when Lyra and Celeste walk in strapped with dildos we know we are in for one of the greatest two on one sexfests ever, maybe it was the tension from the fight or maybe they just felt like hot sex this day but what ever the reason, it is amazing. When Celeste forces Jewell to her knees and rams her strapped dildo in from behind while she demands the brunette eat lyraís pussy, hard she rams as she slaps that nice round ass. The sex gets so hot Celeste and Lyra canít keep their hands and tongues off each other, at one pint all three are deep kissing, then over the couch goes Jewell as the two in charge find very inventive ways to fuck her and get pleased by her. And when they lay Jewell on the ground and one climbs on her face while the other thrusts in the hard dildo dick, well itís all the pleasure these ladies can handle and then some. Yes, while the first episode had some of the best sex fighting ever, this part has some of the best two on one sex ever, ever, EVER !!!!!

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