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Develop high quality Ryona Game?

Started by Ryona, 15-Jun-16, 05:55 PM

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Hello everybody,

I have created a YouTube/Vimeo Channel a few days ago and started producing reverse ryona (sensual femdom, anime style).

YouTube Channel:

Vimeo Channel:

I develop Computer games since I was 15 and still do today.
A time ago I stumbled over a Japanese developer who is currently working on the following game:

I am definitely able to produce such a game myself quality wise using the unreal engine or my own (which I am working on since 3 years now).
Just my idea would be an sensual wrestling game (maybe with an multiplayermode for online challenges), using sleeperholds, headscissor, figure four, strangling etc., and interactive victory poses (placing foot on defeated opponent etc.)  ;D .
All using a clean anime style (like the Japanese developer or my videos).

Since I am self employed and have a Company (in Germany, I come from Germany) I have limited time to spare.
I do have time to spare obviously, but limited and I am one guy for now.

However, the perks of being employed is the freedom to manage for yourself.

But before I do anything, I need to know if there is a general interest, possible support.
If there is a noticeably group of people who want such a project realized I would start without hesitation, otherwise it would be unlikely to succeed.

And tell me how you would imagine the perfect game? What features would you like? How would the game look like?

Kindly leave a feedback.

PS: I am currently developing a fun little online shoter (like counter strike) using my own engine I worked on.
The graphics are simular to Counter strike source and you can play it an your browser (no download required). I will keep you updated about that.  :P



a mixed wrestling game with anime character style would be awesome


I am a big fan of all mixed wrestling as well as female fighting games. I would more than likely enjoy any game of the type you are suggesting.


Will there be f/f? If not, I'm not interested :P But yeah, I'm not a big fan of the anime-style, but in general, this sounds like an awesome idea, I've been looking for a game like that.

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