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Author Topic: Interracial wrestling match  (Read 3635 times)

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Interracial wrestling match
« on: 21-Jun-16, 04:47 AM »
Some good shots of this interracial match where the taller, older white girl is having big problems. The younger girl trounced her throughout this match. Some good use of the legs along with other holds at the same time. Nice.

I added more photos to this set to show the different holds and problems she gave to the taller white girl who really had a lot of difficulties figuring things out. These two had two different matches the second being about two years later or so. The second fight photos show a great scissors hold gathering her arm up at the same time to put on a finalizing figure four or triangle on the bigger girl. Photos n3 and n4 are great showing the taller girl going for maybe a pin but being “quickly” surprised by the mixed race girl trapping her head in a scissors. The girl was brilliant with her legs and the speed she applied things was a bit too much for the other.

Just to show that this girl isn’t a one trick pony you see her pinning this other German blonde girl who lost every fall to her. I give the white girl credit for her amazing try. Look how high those legs go. Love the skin contrast of the two.

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Interracial wrestling match
« Reply #1 on: 04-Jul-16, 02:18 PM »
This is Nadege vs Suzanne, who was older.  Suzanne wrestled dozens of times for AS Film, DWW and other European producers.  She had a very good and long career.  However, very few beat Nadege at the time.