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Author Topic: Best and most embarrassing pin hold  (Read 612 times)

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Best and most embarrassing pin hold
« on: 25-Jun-16, 07:28 AM »
Good pin.
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Best and most embarrassing pin hold
« Reply #1 on: 29-Oct-16, 05:09 PM »
In my experience, this has to be the grapevine pin - or versions of the grapevine.

Women have told me that any pin that forces them to spread their legs is the most embarrassing or humiliating, not to mention the discomfort / pain. When a girl is made to open her legs she is naturally in a position that she'd normally associate with intimacy in private, and that's a pretty humiliating thing to have forced upon you in a fight scenario. It makes her feel inelegant, out of control and vulnerable. Hugely satisfying for the winner and enjoyable for anyone watching of course  8) 8)