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Author Topic: Lucrecia vs Anna Konda Biggest Strongest Women Wrestling  (Read 1135 times)

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Hi Guys, watch my Fight vs the Mighty Czech Femdom Madame Lucrecia. the fight is number one now in the clips4sale category female Wrestling so dont miss it. It is the first big strong women i wrestled since 2 years. i had always easy victorys vs smaller women in the meantime. lucrecia was faster, more skilled and more experienced i maybe expected so she really impressed me. under her there was no escape for me anymore. i hate that! but does this means i lost the fight? maybe not! find it out and watch the Clip. it is the best you have seen in General since along time if you like to see the big strong women wrestle! i know and you know that i got crushing legscissors. but now i know, -lucrecia too! her huge Long massive legs are killing machines and this is maybe intersting to know for you guys in a Forum called squeezequeens! watch the fight at -by the way, yesterday i wrestled the legend kristie etzold and today we make some oilwrestling live in my female fightclub Berlin. you can still come and watch if you like and if not, watch the Action in my store. it will be all uploaded soon. i am happy that i can fight the big strong women at the present. i also like the smaller, fit wrestler type but i had this often in the last months. the huge babes who really can fight are rare!