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Author Topic: Black girl vs. White  (Read 5844 times)

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Black girl vs. White
« on: 28-Jun-16, 04:53 AM »
A black vs. white match is always great to watch and this was a good one. The blonde German girl was certainly enthusiastic and seemingly up to the task….but she fizzled and sputtered throughout in this pins and submissions bout. In this sequence she gets caught in a great combination hold applied by the black girl. I liked the way the blonde grasped her hands together to try to prevent the black girl from rolling her to the side to finish her. She broke them apart then rolled her and stretched her legs nice to add the immense pressure to her head. She had the white girl’s right arm trapped also to add to having her head scissors hold on. Noted also she has the blonde girl’s left arm held with two arms so she is ready for the submission. She flailed a while but had to submit of course. I’ll add more of this bout later on. I give the girl credit for trying though.

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Black girl vs. White
« Reply #1 on: 28-Jun-16, 07:47 AM »
Any idea about the match these pictures came from?

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Black girl vs. White
« Reply #2 on: 02-Jul-16, 06:57 AM »
Tania from Belgium is the black wrestler and Renata from Germany the white one.   Not sure who produced this .  Could have been Tania's outfit when it was around or AS film from Germany or ?