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anastaxia dominatrix

Started by anna-konda, 28-Jun-16, 08:33 AM

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This Kristie Etzold, me and Anastaxia Dominatrix infront of my Female Fightclub Berlin Yesterday. Anastaxia is still in Berlin and she┬┤s doing Sessions in her Hotel. If you want to meet them in Berlin or wherever- they both travel at the present tru Europe (not together they only met here) . About Kristie i dont must tell you anything more, everyone know her but about the pretty new Anastaxia i want to tell you -you MUST meet her. she is unbelievable! she got everything it Needs! follow her on twitter! -she will squeeeze you till you Pop! i think her legscissors are harder than most female Bodybuilders legscissors and she will get you always between her legs with Speed, power and Talent! same like me she is a natural Born dom!

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