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Started by stoneflowers, 29-Jun-16, 01:38 PM

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As I promised in ryona mmd videos section I made a comic based in Sonya vs Kano scene. I didn´t make exactly like the movie. I did changes like example I changed their names and I made it more femdom. they are 77 vignettes so it was a very hard work and I had to upload it by mega in a rar file.!odgn0QqB!HvIJj8cHBbN2TAlEsPSWm_hk0q7pWDvBAH-XqP9fzXc

I hope you like it. I could make more comics like this as long as I see it has a good reception.



another comic made by myself. it´s called My Little Bully Sister. this is the first chapter, I will make more about this story. this will contain humiliation of many ways.!QEZjXRBD!VO_VBeWjawrkuZBH1tDxXazmjzvSoln5v0-zBt1Lkxw

if you wanna read it online this is my facebook page. Click like if you like my comics

I hope you enjoy it. cheers


My one with unagi friends tribute

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