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My personal MW opinion

Started by masofetix, 01-Jul-16, 05:10 AM

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Hi eweryone,
this is my first and only thread in this section, because I have difficulty with English, but I want to express my concept of our world: I can not stand fake movies and there are many, i dont like women who look like men, a fight must be genuine, preferably erotic whit a nice girls who know how to wrestle. This is my MW world. I attach 3 personal pictures, me and my two autentic wrestler-girls. I have a little 'masked for privacy but are real bed wrestling  ;)


Whos the girl in the 3rd pic?


she is a my ju-jitsu friend, why?  :)


she looks great :)

What belt is she?? Does she know how to choke you out??


yes she is a great ju-jitsu girl very experienced in ne-waza technique, brown belt with two notches, but the world is full of women so, bye :)


Quote from: masofetix on 05-Jul-16, 03:44 AM
but the world is full of women so, bye :)

lol, what a knob


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