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Author Topic: Both Submissions and Pins  (Read 3838 times)

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Both Submissions and Pins
« on: 04-Jul-16, 06:11 AM »
This was a really nice match to watch pitting two good looking girls going at it with one getting a real lesson. It featured both pins and submissions and a final scissors ended it for good and a bit early causing real havoc with the loser’s rib cage. The featured schoolgirl press photos show a “textbook” application of this and as the bigger girl attempts to get out she flounders and flails. Needless to say it was quite exciting to watch but embarrassing for her. There are a few photos of the white girl holding her stomach both after the hold and during it. The scissors was a brutal hold and it took a while for her to recover but she decided she had enough and Mystique, the young, black girl, was happy with her win as you see. She sort of made a mess of her as you see.
The larger photo of the school girl press is for better viewing of it.

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